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Your Healthcare Social Media and Google + : Optimizing your Google+ Presence

Assuming you have taken the plunge and added Google+ to your healthcare social media arsenal; what now?

Add Recommended Links

There is an option to add links in the right side bar by using the ‘About’ tab on your Google+ page. This is prime real estate that should not be wasted! Use this space to add links to important blog articles or lead generation offers that will drive more traffic and leads for your practice

Share Photos on a Regular Basis

Photos are very important in the Google+ universe. A quick look at a Google+ feed will tell you that many individual images are shared by users. This is somewhat different than Facebook where users are prone to add entire albums of images. Think about your practice and marketing visually. Which charts, images, or slides can you offer on Google+ to encourage conversations and enhance the viral spread of your content? Google+ is designed for sharing images, take advantage of it.

Promote your Google+ Page on your Website and Blog

To realize significant value from Google+, you must have a community of people there to view and engage with your content. Cross-promotion is essential to building a strong Google+ community. That means your need to attract visitors by promoting your Google+ badge wherever you already have an audience.

  • Website Homepage
  • Blog side bar
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Any other social media accounts.

Encourage Followers to Share your Posts

Sharing on Google+ is a channel for increasing the viral reach of your content. When you post a message, link, or photo on Google+, ask your subscribers to share that content with the people in their circles. Think of it like a “please retweet” on Twitter.

Analyze Traffic and Leads

So how can you know if Google+ is working for your practice? To determine this, you’ll need to look at the traffic and leads that have been driven from Google+ by looking at referral traffic from to your website


A Word about Circles from Hubspot

After analyzing its over 5000 user customer base’s use of Google+ it came to this conclusion about Circles in Google+ …

The biggest selling point of Google+ is circles. Unlike other social networks, Google+ was built with the unique idea that different groups of people prefer different content. Think about it this way. The same messages you share with your family might not be the same messages you want to share with your boss at work.

Google+ solves this problem by using what it calls circles. Circles are no more than groups of people that users can create and label. For example, you might have different circles for friends, family, and coworkers, and you would place new connections into their respective circle. And yes, people can be added to more than one circle. Once you have circles created, you can then decide to share a Google+ message with one or multiple circles. Segmentation is critical for organizing life online today. Organize your online life with Google+. Create the circles you need to properly communicate with everyone in your life.

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