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Web Design: Before & After

Everyone loves before & after studies! Whether it’s Extreme Home Makeover, Biggest Loser, or whatever it might be, before and after studies show results. Since I’m a web designer, I thought it fitting to do a little web design before and after. No ones’ website seems out-dated in their mind until they see what it could be.

The before will be shown first, and the after will be shown below.


What was out-dated, small and dark, is now clean, and eye-catching with a great CTA!


Old, centered text with difficult navigation is now optimized with images and another great CTA!


A nice new CTA with a more clean look.


From too busy and boring, to interesting and precise!


The old site was tiny and boring with old design. Now it’s much better with the good use of images and structure.


Not much of the layout changed, but the use of images with the banner is much more up to date.


The overall width of the website was updated and widened, as well as a better information hierarchy and structure. It looks great!

So hopefully through these before and after pictures, I’ve been able to shed some light on what an out-dated site really looks like. Is your site much like one of those “Before” pictures?

So what makes a good website then?

Results! Besides layout, color, and all that technical stuff, it’s really important to test your website’s performance. How many people are visiting my site? How many people are staying once they’re here? Is anyone signing up for anything?

A good website will not only aid in all these things, but it ads credibility! But how do I test my website? There are some really great tools out there that can do all this and more. Tools like Google Analytics, and even our own Inbound Advisor! All of these things make a great reference to help measure the success of your website. Then, after all is said and done, put a plan in order to change based on the results you found. Want more patients and clients? Having an “After” style website will really help, and the tool will prove it!

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About Deacon
Deacon is a graphic and web designer and joined Team MDWebPro in the summer of 2012. He thoroughly enjoys art, playing music, and being a husband/father. Deacon is constantly honing his skills as a designer to ensure relevancy and style. You can follow Deacon on Google+

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