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Warning Signs Doctors in E-mail Marketing

You’ve set the bar high for your practice in what you do each day and your email marketing should reflect that. Considering the time demands placed on every physician, it is easy for some bad habits slip in when it comes to your e-mail marketing. Here are some warning signs for doctors and e-mail marketing.

Lack of Planning

You can’t expect to see results from your email marketing without a plan. Set goals for your business and design strategies to help you reach them. That will help drive your marketing efforts and make you a more effective email marketer.

Failure to Ask Permission

It doesn’t take much time to ask permission to place someone on your e-mail list, but doing so makes a big difference. ALWAYS seek permission before adding anyone to your contact list.

  • “Are you interested in hearing from us through email?”
  • “Would you like to receive our monthly newsletter?”
  • “Do you mind if I add your email address to our list of contacts?”

Ignoring Spam Complaints

Spam complaints from e-mail recipients is their way of telling you something wrong. To ignore the complaints is to ignore current or potential clients. It’s the equivalent of not returning a phone call or ignoring an invitation. When you ignore someone’s Spam compliant it’s like saying they aren’t worth your time. Keeping track of your reports only takes a few minutes and can have an enormous impact on your email marketing results.

Violating the CAN-SPAM Act

The CAN-SPAM Act was designed to protect consumers from the worst practices of e-mail marketers. As an email marketer, you should know what can get your practice into trouble before you start sending emails. Learning the basics will save you a lot of grief and loss of names on your e-mail list.

Sending too Much E-mail

Sending e-mail too frequently is lazy self-promotion. As in many endeavors, timing is everything. Bombarding the people on your e-mail list with a flood of e-mail sends them the message that you aren’t really interested in them but only in what you want.

Buy Email Lists

Don’t take shortcuts. It’s just as easy to grow your list the right way as it is to do it the wrong way. Give your customers a way to sign up by putting a form in your place of business and provide a way for your customers to join your list online and on social media. And the truth is that purchased e-mail lists are generally not cost-effective. Most are outdated before you ever purchase them

Failure to Protect your Contact List

No one is going to trust a practice that can’t protect its contact information. Sharing your list, on purpose or accidently, makes you look unorganized and unwilling to take the steps to protect your customers. Nothing is more valuable to a physician than the trust of his or her patients. Sharing information from your contact list without permission from those on that list will short circuit that trust.

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