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Understanding Twitter

When you first look at Twitter, chances are you’re going to be resistant to the concept. When the site first started up, the basic understanding of Twitter was that it was for people with little to say, several times a day. In truth, Twitter is about saying something interesting in the most efficient way possible. You say what needs to be said in 140 characters so that your readers can get on with their day.

As a marketing tool, Twitter has proven to be a valuable resource. When someone stumbles upon a blog that seems like it’s only there for advertising, they immediately click away. When they stumble upon a Twitter feed that shares helpful information and well written posts, it makes more sense to keep following than to take the time to remove it when they discover that it has a double purpose serving as a marketing tool.

Probably the very best way to make the most of Twitter as a marketing tool is to split the difference. By offering coupons and exclusive deals through your Twitter feed, you reward longtime followers and bring in further followers interested in saving money.

Offering value, on the other hand, is how you keep people coming back, how you keep them interested. Think of your Twitter feed as a micro-blog. On a blog, you would provide interesting, informative articles. Do the same on your Twitter feed. If you wouldn’t read your Twitter feed, why would you expect anyone else to?

Who you have following you is integral, as well. In fact, who is following you can be more important than how many people are following you. A Tweeter who frequently retweets, who has a lot of influence in one community or another, a Tweeter who you can engage in conversation with that will attract a lot of followers to both feeds, is going to be a lot more useful to you than ten thousand followers who don’t even read your Tweets. One valuable, passionate, dedicated and interesting follower is worth more than ten thousand apathetic, boring, barely-active followers will ever be.

The bottom line is that you have one hundred forty characters to present something funny, interesting, informative, fascinating or useful to your reader. This will keep them following you, attract further followers and, ultimately, attract more clients to your practice over time. Furthermore, you need to understand how other Tweets behave. They converse, argue, and share links and thoughts on the site. Your ultimate goal is really to get other people Tweeting about you.

The greatest tricks on Twitter are yet to be discovered, so innovation is truly important at this point in the development of social media, but if you stand on the shoulders of marketers who have already discovered a lot of tricks, you have a head start over a lot of the competition. To keep up to date on best practices for Twitter, click the giant bird below!

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