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Twitter and Local Marketing

It goes without saying that a doctor with a private practice is going to get the majority of their business from the local area. Even a world famous cosmetic surgeon, one who brings in rich and famous clients from around the country, is going to get most of their day-to-day business from the local area. Using Twitter to reach a local market, then, is integral.

One great way to use Twitter to make immediate sales is to remember that it’s really just a big network of people. Here’s a simple trick: do a search on Twitter for certain keywords and phrases of people in the nearby area. Say, for instance, “Crow’s feet”. You might find a Tweet reading “How do I get rid of these Crow’s Feet?!” And you can reply by recommending your own services to them.

Of course, your best friend when it comes to local marketing is really word-of-mouth. Tweeting, yourself, is a great start, but what you really want is to get people tweeting about you.

One neat trick is to offer coupons to anyone who retweets the offer to their own followers. This works well whether you’re a cosmetic surgeon, a restaurant owner or a bookseller. Giving special deals in exchange for free advertising is as good as offering money for retweets.

The main thing is to encourage people in your area to spread the word. Bear in mind that most people’s social media network consists almost entirely of people they know in their own area, with maybe a third being from out of the area. If you can get a few followers in your area, you can get a few dozen followers in your area.

Maximum Efficiency for Twitter Users

It’s possible to make a dent in Twitter by just banging your head against the wall until you wake up one day and have tens of thousands of followers, but in truth, you’re really better off finding strategies to maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend on Twitter. This all starts with applying the strategies others have discovered. Any new art is learned primarily through trial and error, so begin by borrowing these proven techniques from some master Tweeters.

1. Use the Track Feature

The Track feature keeps you updated on Tweets regarding any keyword you want to track. Casually, this means that you can keep up with all the news on the latest movie with your favorite actor, or you can keep up on when your favorite show is airing. Professionally, this means you can keep an eye on what people are interested in. For a cosmetic surgeon, you might type “track Cosmetic surgery” “track Plastic surgery” “track Reconstructive surgery” and so on, and this would connect you with other surgeons and professionals in your field and let you know who’s Tweeting what about your field.

2. Give Value to Your Readers

Don’t just post a link to your website and hope for the best, post something of real value. Think of your Tweets as mini-blog posts. Be funny, informative, entertaining, offer deals, share great videos and links from around the web and so on. Share something of value with your followers to keep them interested in your feed.

3. Keep the Conversation Going

If you see an opening to strike up a good back and forth with other Tweeters, go for it. Any @ Tweets and replies that keep the other Tweeters typing and everyone else reading will keep people interested in your feed and interest their followers in your feed.

It’s all about maximizing your efforts and efficiency. You want to get a lot of effect out of only an hour a day, or less, of Twitter time. As fun as it can be, you’ve got a job to do outside of just advertising yourself on Twitter, and it’s only one small factor in the web-marketing sphere. Refine your strategies over time and drop whatever tactics aren’t really working. To keep up to date on best practices for Twitter, click the giant bird below!

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