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Tips for Staying Organized with Twitter


Sure Twitter can connect you with current and potential patients.  It’s also a great medium to engage in useful discussions.  Yet, Twitter can also be a tricky place to navigate and sift through.  Here are some great basic Twitter strategy tips to get you and your practice organized on Twitter.

  • A great way to keep Twitter organized is with its powerful list feature.  Using lists allows you to assemble groups of Twitter users you follow and put them into different categories.  By organizing the vital people or practices you follow on Twitter, they are less likely to get lost in the ether of Twitter chatter.
  • Ideas for Lists
    • Colleagues in the medical field
    • Current patients
    • Potential patients
    • Knowledgeable social media users
  • Narrowing down and focusing on your Twitter topics is a great way to stay organized.  Once a month take some time and really dig into what topics are trending and active in the healthcare Twitter community.  This will help you keep your Twitter conversations fresh and current while engaging with other likeminded Twitter users.  Making use of the Tailored Tweet feature will keep your Twitter Trends on topic.
  • If you come across a tweet that you want to revisit later on, don’t be afraid to favorite it.  Marking a tweet as a favorite is like bookmarking something in your web browser.  When you get time to come back to the tweet you’ve marked as a favorite, it will be much easier to find.
  • Use a Twitter client like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.
    • Hootsuite is a Twitter client that has some powerful organizing tools.  In Hootsuite, you can create a variety of feeds that are based on search, user, messaging, and more.  You also have the ability to schedule tweets.  Depending on what level of the application you use, you can assign team members and incorporate other social media feeds.
    • Tweetdeck is a Twitter client that is owned by… Twitter!  With Tweetdeck you have very similar options as Hootsuite.  You have the ability to stay organized with Twitter by creating columns that display your tweets, mentions, saved searches, and more.  In Tweetdeck, you can also integrate the Facebook platform.

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