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Proven Ways to Promote a Plastic Surgeon Office

At the height of the recent recession, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that sixty-two percent of plastic surgeons who responded to their questionnaire indicated the number of cosmetic procedures they had performed in 2008 dropped from the previous year.  Since that report, a significant number of physicians have begun to look for proven ways to promote a plastic surgeon office.

While cosmetic surgery has shown an upturn over the last year, recommendations made by the Plastic Surgery Society during the recession at its annual conference in Chicago are still relevant. Two proven methods for promotion emphasized in a forum at the conference entitled “Survival Strategies for Tough Economic Times” are:

Become Community Conscious

The best way to learn the needs of potential patients is by getting to know them where they are. Many doctors have learned to expand their client base by joining school boards, rotary clubs, museum and symphony groups, and athletic organizations.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is every October and an obvious time to extend one’s reach beyond the office. If you are health conscious yourself, sign up for one of the many fund raising walks and runs. Take out an ad emphasizing the need for women to have annual checkups. Some physicians volunteer to do low cost screenings for women that cannot afford such procedures.

Remember the 90/10 rule used in Internet Marketing. It’s okay to promote your office in a low-key way during such efforts but keep it to a minimum! Your greatest marketing asset is your name. Simply by being a part of such activities, potential clients will remember you and seek you out when needed.

Feature Cost Saving Opportunities

  • Combination Deals – Reduce fees for operations on related areas of the anatomy that can be performed in the same session. If a patient is having a Botox in more than one area of their face, offer a discount for additional treatments on other areas of the face.
  • Weekly Specials – Dr. Don Mehrabi, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills features “Rejuvenation Thursdays and Fridays”.  This is a standing discount of 10% of unlimited treatments. Not only does this encourage new patients to check out the clinic it also ensures a full waiting room at a time of the week when many in Beverly Hills, CA are thinking about getting away from town for the weekend.

Have an Open House Away from the Office

Many plastic surgeons are now sponsoring events in a neutral setting where potential clients feel more comfortable attending. Plastic surgeons are hosting 45 minute luncheons aimed at business men and women. They offer a free light meal and an introduction by the physician to a new procedure.

Such events are relatively inexpensive compared to advertising and offer a chance to make one’s practice more personal. These luncheons take the mystery and any lingering stigma out of plastic surgery by making the time at the event fun, entertaining, and educational.

To learn more about offsite marketing efforts read our article, Two of the Best Marketing Campaigns for Botox Treatments”.

Plastic Surgeons using these methods to promote their practice are not suggesting a fire sale approach to selling Botox injections. Instead, they are taking the approach of luxury automobile dealers who often host events that allow potential clients to learn more about what they have to offer in a non-threatening environment.

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  1. mohmann says:

    Another way to become community conscious is to be active in social media. Patients are on Twitter and Facebook. If you aren't connecting with them, other MDs are.

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