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Plastic Surgery Websites

Here are some of our most popular articles about Plastic Surgery websites.

The Frontline of Effective Cosmetic Surgery Web Advertising

First things first, you must start with a contemporary and professionally designed website before attempting any cosmetic surgery web advertising. Even a practice that has had a great site for several years probably needs to consider planning a complete makeover before long. Here are just a few reasons:

80% of searches for cosmetic surgeons are now done online.
90% of people searching the Internet never look beyond the first thirty search result on Google or Bing.
If your site shows up lower than the top ten listings, the odds of a potential client visiting your site are less than 20%. Read More

Dos and Don’ts for Plastic Surgeon Website Design

When planning your Plastic Surgeon Website Design it is vital to understand how people read on the Web and why they read that way. Visitors don’t read – they scan. For some reason, Internet readers feel like they are wasting time if they read too much of what is there. As a visitor to one site said, “If I have to sit here and read the whole article, then I’m not productive.”

Smart plastic surgeon website design understands this and makes finding information as effort free as possible for the visitor. Every visitor to your site has a reason they came there. These simple do’s and don’ts of site navigation can make all the difference in visitors finding what they are looking for and sticking with the information presented to them. Read More

Medical Website Design

We receive a lot of requests for medical website design. Often these requests are sparked by a clinic comparing their site visually to the competitors sites and finding that their site is lacking in design and/or content. And occasionally the requests we see for medical website design center around a rebranding of the practice.

Unless a site has a terrible design, we generally recommend making smaller incremental improvements to a sites layout and design to improve the overall look and feel without a complete site overhaul. The benefits to this strategy are: Read More

Staying Current with Plastic Surgery SEO

Successful medical professionals know that staying current in their field is essential because medical techniques and technology are constantly evolving. Online marketing is never at a stand-still so your internet marketing strategies must constantly be improved upon as well.

The main factor that requires continually reviewing and revising your plastic surgery SEO strategy is that major search engine’s ranking algorithms are in a constant state of change. Trusting in a book written two years ago for SEO strategies is equivalent to using a medical manual from the 1800s as a modern guide to plastic surgery. Here are just a few of the current trends seen in improved SEO rankings. Read More

Marketing Cosmetic Surgery – Anatomy of an Effective Website

A key component to marketing cosmetic surgery is a comprehensive web site. If you take the time to research some of the best ranked sites you will find they share the following common elements.

No Short Cuts

There is no short cut to marketing cosmetic surgery through your web site. As always, content is king. That means solid, consistent and meaningful articles that inform, attract and keep visitors. Read More

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