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Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Here are some of our most popular articles about Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing.

Best Ways for Improving a Plastic Surgery Website

A common problem with many plastic surgery websites is, though they are getting good traffic, it isn’t converting into visiting patients. Low conversion rates present a challenge but can be improved by employing these simple ways for improving a plastic surgery website. Read More

Five Key Tips for Internet Marketing by Plastic Suregons

Some medical professionals try Internet marketing from time to time. Their efforts are hit and miss and generally unfocused. Then there are those who become as focused with their marketing as they were in getting their medical degree. If you belong to that second group, here are five key tips for becoming an Internet marketing plastic surgeon. Read More

Improving your Plastic Surgery Internet Markeing

Who gets the best Return on Investment with their plastic surgery Internet marketing? According to the Harvard Business Review, the answer is whoever responds the fastest to online customer queries. Findings in the Review’s March 2011 study show that most businesses aren’t responding quickly enough to online queries to make them pay off.

When you respond to a query within an hour you are seven time more likely for that person to call back and initiate a conversation. That’s the good news but the bad news is that less that 40% of businesses respond to a query within those golden 60 minutes. In fact, the average response time to a query was 42 hours. Read More

Page Grades vs. Rankings in Healthcare SEO

If you subscribe to our free website ranking reports, you have seen the page grade scores we give for pages on your site. The grade is A-F just like back in school and the grades are calculated on a weekly basis. The first step towards ranking for a phrase in the search engines is to create content on your site optimized for that phrase. This is why our page grade calculation is so important. Monitoring page grades for individual phrases tells us which phrases already have optimized content on a site and which phrases still need optimized content.

So what happens after optimized content is published to your site? Read More

Prospective Patients and Physician Practice Advertising on the Web

A recent study released by InsiderPage and Harris Interactive reveals that physician practice advertising on the web is not nearly as effective as it can be. Most troubling was the fact that, according to this study, 42% of U.S. adults spent more time finding information on the web about the latest electronic gadget than in searching for a primary care physician. And, the numbers were even higher for people under the age of 55.

Before you think that means people don’t use the Internet to research medical professionals, consider that the same respondents said they wished they could locate more comprehensive information about their doctors online. The disconnect comes from the fact that many people find physician’s sites hard to navigate and lacking in meaningful information. Read More

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