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Medical Marketing and Branding

Before getting into specifics take a look at the following questions. Your answers will reveal how well you understand the importance of branding in medical marketing.

  • Does your marketing effort employ a consistent color scheme and practice logo?
  • Does your practice’s brochure relate your story and communicate your brand and message to patients, prospective patients and the media?
  • Does your website portray the image you desire for your practice, inform your patients and prospective patients, and provide them clear call to actions?
  • Does your marketing strategy include a consistent message and look across all stationery items?,
  • Do your marketing materials, both print and media, have continuity of appearance and , message that reflects the unique personality of your practice?
  • If asked, can your patients clearly state the reasons they were drawn to your practice?
  • Have you identified unique features about your practice as compared to your competitors?
  • Have you studied and identified the demographic profile of your top typical patients?
  • Do you have specific strategies that you are using to communicate your brand?
  • Can your staff clearly state what sets your practice apart from others?

Branding is the steps and actions you take that separate your practice from the competition and causes it to be more visible and therefore memorable to prospects and patients. It involves creating a consistent image and message for you practice wherever it is seen. The goal of branding in your medical marketing is to establish your identity and communicate that identity consistently to attract and retain clients.

One of the greatest mistakes medical professionals make in their marketing strategy is lack of consistency. The term “branding” denotes exactly what the word means in its most basic form. Educational professionals have long taught it takes 7 to 21 repetitions of a piece of information before we retain it in long term memory.  For people to remember your message they need to see and hear it repeatedly and in many different forms.

  • Web Site – Your “About” page is a great place to explain your brand in more depth. A logo or tagline tells your story in brief but here is a place to go into more detail. If you specialize, tell prospective clients why you chose that specialty.
  • Blog – A blog is the perfect platform for a running conversation about who you are as a physician and what sets your practice apart from others.
  • Emails – A signature tag should appear at the end of every email and reply to email you send. Contact information and your logo are an important part of that signature.
  • Twitter – Take the time to add a customized background to your Twitter profile.  Remember to match logo, color scheme, fonts and message.

By consistently reminding people of who you are and what sets you apart a brand begins to form. Remember they are not born over night. It takes consistent and prolonged use of your message and theme in every form of marketing for the desired brand to stick. But, once it does it will last and have the effect you desire.

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