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Landing Page Basics in a Plastic Surgeon’s Inbound Marketing Strategy – Part Two

Part One of Landing Page Basics in a Plastic Surgeon’s Inbound Marketing Strategy focused on the headline and content. Spending a little extra time and thought on both of these is worth it because “once you get them there you want to keep them there”!

Other important aspects of the landing page include:

Meta-descriptions and Keywords

A meta-description is a snippet of text that describes what a web page is about. It is normally the first place a search engine looks for text to put beneath your link when it lists a website on search results pages. When you don’t have a meta-description, most search engines choose a random piece of content from the page the link points to.  Remember that meta-descriptions are limited to 100 and 150 characters. Anything longer than that will simply be truncated.

Meta keywords allow you to list a few different keywords that relate to your web page. As a best practice have 5-7 meta keywords that are highly relevant to your page content.

Every webpage should have meta-descriptions and meta-keywords but they are especially important for landing pages because:

  • Both factor into Google’s ranking algorithm that determines the relevance of your ad to your landing page. The higher the relevance the more likely your ad is to be displayed.
  • The meta-description is the text that is shown when people see your page in search results or share it in social media. You text is essential to convincing them to visit your landing page, so make it short and simple while conveying value.

Social Media and Share Links

It is important to keep a landing page uncluttered as possible in order to capture a visitor until they fill out your form. But it is equally important to have clearly visible social media sharing links on your landing pages.

Once your visitor decides to download your offer or fill out your form, why not enable them to encourage their friends to do so as well. Make it easy for them to share the landing page with their Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections. A visitor who fills out a form is likely to become one of your social media evangelists.

The Form

The central focus of an effective landing page is your form. And the ultimate goal is for visitors to complete it. How you design and format your form has a direct impact on conversion rates. Because the design of your form is so important, a feature article will deal with this one feature in detail.

Thank You Page and Auto-responder

When a visitor finishes filling out the form on your landing page the next thing they should be led to is a thank you page! This page offers a great opportunity to recommend other steps for your visitors to take. Some of those suggestions might be:

•     “Subscribe to Our Blog,”

  • “Read Our Newsletter,”
  • “Connect With Us on Facebook,”
  •  “Share This Offer With a Friend.”

You can also set up an automated email response to be sent to visitors who fill out your form. That e-mail can then make another offer they might appreciate.

Thank-you pages and email responses ensure your newly converted leads further connect with your practice and brand, and keep them engaged. This will make them stronger leads that will be more likely to convert into patients.

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Tim George is a regularly contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Tim is passionate about web marketing for MDs expecially the latest trends and results in social media, SEO and inbound marketing. For more, please follow @MDWebPro on Twitter

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