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Healthcare and Twitter – Making it Work for your Practice

Though many in the medical profession originally ignored Twitter as something for kids and celebrities, much has changed in the past couple of years. Today, plastic surgeons are quickly realizing that healthcare and Twitter are a natural fit for those who want to stay connected with their patient.

Twitter is the perfect way to recommend quick bits of information about your practice and what is happening in the world of cosmetic surgery. For prospective patients, Twitter gives you a forum to present yourself as an authority in your field of practice. With current patients, it enables you to keep them informed quickly and efficiently about everything from new procedures to last minute scheduling changes.

Perhaps the greatest advantage, both for you and your patients, is the mobility Twitter provides. Anyone with a smart phone, a cell phone that can receive text messages, iPad or other tablet, or just about any other mobile device can send, receive, and manage tweets from wherever they are. The key is to make Twitter work for you rather than against you. That means learning some basics and finding the tools to manage Twitter effectively.

Even if you have been using Twitter for a while, chances are you need to tweak things a bit to make it work for you like it should. Here are a few things to check up on about your Twitter account.

Your Handle/Handles

Your primary Twitter account should be built around your name or the name of your practice. Therefore, your handle should contain that name. The key is to emphasize your brand in every tweet.

Once that brand is established you may want to consider branching out. Some plastic surgeons start separate Facebook pages and other blogs for specific procedures. They then open a separate Twitter account, and email address to tie directly to those individual Facebook and blog pages. An example could be @botoxmandallas or something similar.

Dress Up Your Profile

The profile is where you describe and define yourself, your practice, your web site and blog. With remarkably little effort, you can also personalize the background image so that your Twitter profile matches the look and feel of your web site.

Be sure the “One Line Bio” section has been filled out completely. That bio provides an instant snapshot of your medical practice, specializations, and other interests. Be as descriptive as possible.  That bio may be the one chance you have with a new Twitter follower to get them interested in who you are and what you are about.

Make sure your location information is filled out completely. People often follow others located in their geographic area in order to expand their local area network. Always use standard City, State, and Zip Code formats so that you will be picked up by Twitter searches keying on that format.

Though Twitter doesn’t offer the returns of some other social media outlets like Facebook, it is an integral part of the big picture. Every blog post should automatically trigger a tweet pointing back to that post. Healthcare and Twitter are a natural fit for the medical professional that understands how people are finding information in this social media age.

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