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Five Key Tips for Internet Marketing by Plastic Surgeons

Some medical professionals try Internet marketing from time to time. Their efforts are hit and miss and generally unfocused. Then there are those who become as focused with their marketing as they were in getting their medical degree. If you belong to that second group, here are five key tips for becoming an Internet marketing plastic surgeon.

Tip #1: Master One Approach at a Time

There are literally hundreds of different approaches and strategies a plastic surgeon can take for Internet marketing. There are many different strategies and all of them work to one degree or another. No one can be a master of everything. That is why it is better to settle on a limited number of approaches and become the best at using those you can possibly be. Consistent results come from doing a few things really well. If you want to branch out from there, enlist the help of someone who has mastered approaches that you have not.

Tip #2: Set Manageable, Realistic Goals

Every new endeavor has a learning curve. It is better to chose a strategy with a shorter learning curve, master it, and then move to something more complex. Some plastic surgeons are so successful with their targeted email blasts they don’t need anything else. They mastered that approach and the return on investment has been more than acceptable.

Tip #3: Focus Your Efforts and then Refocus Again

Set aside a reasonable and obtainable amount of time each day to work your social media and Internet marketing strategy. When you reach that allotted time, stop and wait till the next day to begin again. It is better to focus on this one task for 30 straight minutes than to tinker with it throughout the day. Once you’ve picked an internet marketing strategy, focus your efforts on it. Get more and more precise on the results you wish to attain.

Tip #5: Teach Others

Once you master an Internet marketing strategy, teach someone else on your staff what you have learned. The benefit will be two-fold: you develop another staff person with Internet marketing skills and you can concentrate on mastering something else.

Tip #5: Don’t Expect Perfection

Set your ego aside and give yourself room to try out new strategies. A physician friend may have fantastic success with Twitter campaigns and you want to try the same thing. If that strategy doesn’t go so well for you, be willing to set it aside and refocus on what is working for you. Go back and refocus on that email strategy that has become your bread and butter. Consider branching out by contracting with an expert to get you started with that Twitter campaign and try it again once trained.


There is not one magic answer to succeeding in Internet marketing. Every plastic surgeon must work to find the combination of strategies that works best for him or her.


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