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Wining Facebook Practices for your Healthcare Social Media Strategy

There are no hard and fast rules for what works best in social media. However there are some general Facebook practices that make for a winning healthcare social media strategy. Winning brands on Facebook don’t preach or sell to their fan base but rather engage with them.

An overriding rule of thumb is to approach your Facebook fans like you want to be approached. Doctors know when a pharmaceutical rep is disingenuous and not interested in their real needs. They can also sense when a salesperson is authentically interested in understanding their needs and discovering how to best to meet those needs. Approaching your Facebook followers is no different.
Winning Facebook PracticesTIP: Though you should become involved with Google+ and other social media platforms, Facebook should remain your primary focus. For now at least, Facebook needs to be at the center of you social media hub.

Post Daily

As people add more friends and like more pages it becomes easier and easier for your posts to be missed. That means posting only a couple of times a week makes it likely many in your community will miss a good number of your posts.

Some studies show that when posting for a Business page, 3-5 times per day is a good average. And don’t take the weekend off since a far greater number of people are on Facebook at that time. The key is varying your posts.  Take note of your statistics and focus on what your followers gravitate toward.

If this seems overwhelming, take heart, there are some powerful tools to schedule your posts ahead of time. Postabulous from 140ology is one such Facebook app that makes this possible.

Focus on Engagement

Just as with a blog, the goal always is conversation. Use Facebook posts to connect with and get response from your followers. If you make the post about your audience and what they need rather than selling yourself, they will respond positively. The result will be a deeper and richer relationship with your community.

Set aside 10 minutes a day to respond to posts on questions on your wall. When you focus on engagement, the byproduct will be more leads, phone calls, and appointments. Ways to created conversation with your Facebook posts include:

  • Asking questions
  • Posting Helpful Tips
  • Providing Links to Articles that your Followers Will Like and Share

 Make it Fun

There’s a reason they call it “social” media. Facebook is a social community and people in community want to enjoy themselves. Be willing to let your professional hair down a bit. Be true to your brand but find ways to present information and engage people that make it fun.

Always Have a Call to Action

Don’t expect people to click like or leave a comment. Give them something to do! Include a link in every post. Insert a video. In other words, don’t forget to provide a doorway to further engagement.

Don’t Oversell or Undersell

The 80-20 rule for content/connection posts vs. sales messages applies. That means if you decide to post 10 times a week, 8 posts should offer fun or helpful content and 2 should have some kind of a sales message.

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