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Two Tools for Effective Blogging Every Plastic Surgeon Needs (Part 2)

Windows Live Writer

As a surgeon you understand the necessity of having the proper tools of your profession. You wouldn’t think of attempting a procedure without instruments designed to accomplish the results you intend for you patients. When it comes to the task of efficiently keeping your blog fresh there a couple of tools you owe to yourself to learn more about. In a previous article we looked at Evernote, the perfect little program to create a pipeline for future posts to your blog.

Like Evernote, Microsoft Windows Live Writer is a deceptively powerful tool with a price tag you can’t complain about. It’s free! At first look, Windows Live Writer may seem like another word processor but closer inspection reveals a powerful little program designed to create, manage and publish blog posts.  If you ever give it a test ride the odds are you will never return to other methods you have been using to post to your blog.

Three Invaluable Features

Scheduling Future Posts: Timing is everything in making your blog produce the kind of consistent traffic you want. Part of that timing is knowing when to post different kinds of articles. Windows Live Writer has a handy feature that allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time and then publish them automatically according to whatever schedule you predetermine. Once you get enough information for an article you can go ahead and create, save it in Live Writer, and then schedule when you need that kind of article to publish. Many professionals find they can take just a few hours each month and have the majority of their blogging handled.

Text Templates: You can speed up creating a new post by adding the free plug-in for creating text templates. Like in Microsoft Word, you can create templates of various words, phrases or even multiple paragraphs that often appear in your posts.

Access Your Content Offline: Another invaluable feature of Windows Live Writer is that it allows easy access to all of your previously posted articles while offline. Every post is saved on your computer to a folder called My Weblog Posts in your My Documents folder. Anyone who has blogged for very long much of previously used material can be repurposed, given a new spin and be published as a new post.

Plug-ins for Cosmetic Surgery on your Posts

You are in the business of making people look better so why not the same with your blog posts?  Here are just a few of the free plug-ins that not only will make those posts more attractive but produce more traffic:

  • Polaroid Picture – create eye catching graphics without knowing anything about graphics.
  • Insert Video – if you plan on doing any Video Marketing this is one to have.
  • Twitter Notify – sends a Tweet to all your fans every time you publish a post.  Better yet it creates a shortened link back to your blog and inserts it in the Tweet.
  • Imtech SEO Slugs - creates an optimized slug for your blog post of any phrase chosen by you.
  • Social Bookmarking Tags – give readers of your blog dozens of choices on how they want to share your post with others in one quick step.
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