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Two Tools for Effective Blogging Every Plastic Surgeon Needs (Part 1)


When it comes to the task of efficiently keeping your blog fresh there a couple of tools you owe to yourself to learn more about. In this article we look at Evernote, the perfect program to create a pipeline for future posts to your blog.

Why You Need Something like This

There are a number of programs you can obtain for collecting and managing snippets of information but few can beat the functionality and price of Evernote. For many busy professionals the need to provide frequent and timely posts for their blog becomes overwhelming. The first way to get a grip on this is to use a program like Evernote to collect and organize information that might be useful for future posts. That way you have a reservoir of ideas already categorized and waiting to use in those great posts your want to publish.

What It Can Do?


Evernote enables you to create text notes, save snapshots, clip partial or whole web pages and even take audio notes. Whenever you see something on a web site that might be of use for a later post, clip it to Evernote. If someone writes something of interest in an email, send it to Evernote. Should a Tweet or Facebook comment look of use for a later time, save it.  In other words, whenever information of interest comes your way, this program gives you one gathering place.

You may soon find yourself abandoning bookmarking sites on your web browser altogether. The web clipper feature works as an add on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Anything you see (text, graphic, video) becomes a note to store away and decide how to use later.


The most helpful component of Evernote is its organizational system. Whatever you send to the program can be organized in a combination of ways including Tags, Note Titles and Notebooks. Notebooks can be stacked creating subdivisions of a main topic. The beauty of the system for a busy professional is you can send information to Everynote and decide later how you want it organized.


Evernote employs OCR to allow you to search for images according to the text contained in those images. Even text in images can be found through this search engine. If you need to capture important information quickly, take a snapshot for future reference and it will be easy to find later. A user can look for stored information in notebooks, by tags or with the search engine.


If you are near a computer, a mobile device or even your cell phone you are never away from what is stored in Evernote. The system combines a program downloaded to your computer with web based storage of the same information. The web interface is very similar to that of the desktop version so you don’t have to learn two things to access your information. Users can also share information which means you can collaborate with others by allowing notes to be saved to a common notebook.

Multiple Platforms

Nothing sets this free program apart that its compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. A premium version that cost just $5.00 per month allows for greater storage and clipping Microsoft Word and Excel files as notes.

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