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Two of the Best Marketing Campaigns for Botox Treatments

Plastic surgeons need to understand the demographics of their current clientele as well as the area served by their practice. If you know the majority of your potential clients fit into a certain income range then the marketing campaign chosen must appeal to that demographic. Here are two very different approaches that both rate as best marketing campaigns for Botox treatments.

Marketing to the Business Conscious

Charlotte Plastic Surgery recognized that its target audience did not relate to the Hollywood and glamour image often associated with Botox treatments. Instead, the plastic surgery group chose to target business people who would be drawn to having a softer, more appealing appearance.

From there, the clinic branded itself with what it called “Botox Bucks” through a combination of direct mail and email blasts. The clinic then added a memorable press release headline to its Botox Bucks: “Charlotte Plastic Surgery is adding a new wrinkle to the marketing of Botox injections”.

This mail and Internet marketing campaign used a bit of anti-branding. Lane Gatlin, special projects manager at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, decided to go against type and downplay the usual Botox parties common among the Hollywood set. The result was an alternative way to promote the cosmetic use of the drug namely its ability to leave faces wrinkle-free and thus give clients more confidence in their business.

Marketing to the Cost Conscious and Curious

Many people have heard about Botox treatments and wondered if it might be for them. But like in the first example, the Jasin Facial Rejuvenation Institute in Clearwater, FL decided to target potential clients often overlooked by other plastic surgeons. Botox parties replete with white wine and hors d’oeuvres generally attract people with disposable income that have already tried Botox in the past.

The approach used by Jasin Facial Rejuvenation Institute was chosen as one of the best marketing campaigns for Botox treatments for the same reasons as Charlotte Plastic Surgery: it set itself apart from the crowd. Jasin chose a completely Internet based marketing campaign that featured a dual pronged approach to marketing:

  • Web based coupons that offered significant savings – As we posted back in the spring in 57 Botox Coupons in 30 Days and Botox Marketing: Botox Advertising, Internet coupon campaigns are quite effective. Results are not available for this campaign but this plastic surgeon would have done well to make one significant change to the coupons offered. The coupon is on a sub-page and is completely a graphic. The graphic itself was not saved with the word Botox or Jasin in its name. By creating a separate landing page and renaming the graphic their results no doubt would be even better than they were.
  • Free Seminar – Combining this with the coupon was an Internet marketing stroke of genius. The coupon has a fall theme and offers dramatic savings on Botox treatments. By offering a free seminar at the Ritz-Carlton, prospective clients were given a way to learn about these treatments, meet the plastic surgeon that would be performing them, and mingle with other prospective clients in a neutral non-threatening environment.

Both of these were picked as best marketing campaigns for Botox treatments because they are perfect for Internet marketing. Both found a way to set themselves apart from the hundreds of competitors’ content with stock web sites and occasional ad campaigns.



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