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Twitter Marketing Strategy: Five Basic Tips

Just because you’ve heard that Twitter is an important piece of any web marketing strategy doesn’t mean that you can Twitter effectively just by jumping right in. You can have a lot of fun that way, but anything you learn from that method will only be by trial and error, and luckily, hundreds of successful marketers have already figured all that stuff out for us. here are five of the most important tips in approaching Twitter marketing.

1. Know Your Market

In a few sentences, describe the person you want reading your Twitter feed. Who is it, exactly, you’re trying to connect with? Visualize your market as a single person, and ask yourself: what do they want to read? If you’re a plastic surgeon, who do you cater to? Where do you specialize? Think of your most common customer type and find those Tweeters.

2. Set a Goal

Why are you on Twitter? Sure, getting to ten thousand followers is great, but let’s be honest: that’s just numbers. If you want ten thousand followers, you can buy an account that already has that many. What you want is retweets and web site visits. These factors don’t always correlate with follower numbers. It’s about who’s following you, not just how many.

3. Have a Full Plan

Twitter is wonderful from a marketing perspective, but it’s only one part of the puzzle. Use Twitter as part of a broader scheme and know why you’re using it. Are you trying to monitor awareness of your brand? Promote awareness? Leading people to your blog? Whatever the case may be, have a plan. Use Twitter to support your other marketing efforts, and your other marketing efforts to support your Twitter feed.

4. Twitter is Only a Tool

Twitter is a tool, not a magic wand, and it’s only as strong as the marketing intelligence and creativity behind it. That said, if you grasp the above three concepts, then you can put the following into play:

-Post your Twitter handle everywhere you post your company name
-Follow and target a specific “type” of Twitterer representing your demographic
-Associate your Twitter with other social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, etc.
-Ask your Followers questions and answer them in Twitter and on blog posts
-Retweet your best Tweets a few times a day to push them up on people’s feeds

What it really comes down to is using common sense and being creative. If you can think of a way to get more attention on Twitter, try it out.

5. Know Your Numbers

“Measuring” on Twitter may seem like a tricky concept, but it really comes down to following things like how many tweets a particular Tweeter has published, their connections, number of followers, number of retweets and @ replies and so on. The higher these numbers, the better.

And finally: get focused. Once you find your groove, follow it. Figure out what works best for you, and don’t waste time on other strategies. To keep up to date on best practices for Twitter, click the giant bird below!

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