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Twitter as a Marketing and PR Tool

Twitter really comes down to a notion we’ll call micro-blogging. It’s all about taking the blog and encapsulating it in tiny, bite-sized posts. As such, it’s really perfect as a PR tool, so it’s surprising that a lot of PR people are so slow to catch on. Here are some easy ways to get the ball rolling with Twitter.

1. Get Your CEO Interested

Assuming that you’re working in a the employ of a private practice or business, rather than trying to market your own name or brand, you could do well to get your CEO involved in the Twitter experience. Some PR companies resort to ghost-Tweeting for the head honcho. This seems ridiculous, as the instructions for what to include in a Tweet are going to take more effort than the Tweet themselves. Setting your CEO up with a Twitter account, though, takes way less time than a blog or Facebook and gives your company a human face.

2. Keep in Touch with the Media

It’s not really how many followers you have, but who’s following you. Follow the top names in the field, publications and websites in your industry. Aim your Tweets @ them, retweet any of their Tweets that you like and if they follow you, you can keep them, and hence, the media at large, updated on what you’re up to.

3. Monitor Yourself on Twitter

4. Make Special Offers

When you offer special deals on your Twitter feed, you can almost guarantee getting a lot more followers than you had before you posted the deal. Few things improve business like the prospect of saving your customers a lot of money.

5. Make Live Updates During Conventions, Seminars and Events

Nothing keeps people reading like live, up to the minute updates. When someone goes to a film festival, everyone is refreshing their Twitter feed once a minute to see if any hot new items have been revealed. Same goes for every industry. If you’re at a convention, keep people updated on all the cool stuff you’re seeing.

6. Promote News on the Industry

When word comes out that new stem cell techniques have been developed or new laws have been passed on silicone or plastic implants, you can bet that everyone with a passing interest in cosmetic surgery will be Googling that and Twittering about it. Make sure you don’t miss the boat on current events.

Finally, remember that you’re playing to an audience of human beings, not just Twitter accounts. If you want to put a good face on your practice, stay active, keep retweeting your followers’ Tweets and so on and stay active in the community. To keep up to date on best practices for Twitter, click the giant bird below!

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