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Three Stages in Inbound Marketing

Connecting with potential Plastic Surgery clients through social media is a completely different process than in traditional doctor-patient relations. In a conventional relationship a patient gains a sense of trust in his physician’s expertise, concern and responsiveness through personal contact. Inbound Marketing overcomes that lack of personal contact through a series of stages that systematically connect an Internet visitor with you as a physician.

Stage One: The Terminal

The first stage involves every possible way a potential client might first notices your practice on the Internet. This stage represents the total pool of people that your site has to draw from. Imagine every possible Internet user standing in a giant cyber-terminal waiting for the plane that will carry them to the right destination and the departure board shows thousands of airlines having the same destination. What will get them to board your plane?

The first stage of Internet Inbound Marketing consists of:

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook Business Pages, and other social media networks
  • SEO – Optimizing your content in such away people in that pool can find you
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and other per-pay methods to draw people from that pool.

None of these channels is an end in itself. Re-tweets pointing to your site and followers on a Facebook Business Page do not represent new clients. They represent a potential pool of clients who show a mindset toward considering the service you have to offer. When they depart the terminal on your information plane they have just begun the journey.

Stage Two: The Ticket Counter

This is the stage where most Inbound Marketing tends to break down. This middle stage is where the airline first sells itself on how well it can function. More than one passenger has demanded a refund due to poor handing of their boarding pass or some other grievance. This stage in Inbound Marketing is where a prospective client either begins to feel you may indeed be the person to seek or decide they would just as soon look elsewhere.

A prospective client’s readiness to visit your practice is often determined by what she finds after clicking that link that leads in some way to your name. Shoppers today, including for the services of a Plastic Surgeon, have very limited patience and are quick to move on if they don’t see immediate value in what they are presented with. And, because Inbound Marketing is an automated process, there are no second chances to explain yourself before a potential client walks away.

Thinking is one of the hardest things there is. That’s why so few people do it.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford would shake his head at how little thought goes into this middle stage of marketing. This phase of Inbound Marketing requires a good deal of planning and thought for two reasons: it is automated and a lot of effort is put into channeling visitors to this point.

The second state of Internet Inbound Marketing includes:

  • Landing pages - Facebook Business Page, etc…
  • Autoresponders
  • Targeted email communications
  • Form capture

Stage Three: Face-to-Face

If Inbound Marketing is done right you will ultimately be sitting in front of an Internet visitor who has come to you for a consultation. There should be a procedure in place that lets you know how they found you. Don’t hesitate to ask them what it was about your internet presence that led them to contact your office. Most people are more than glad to share such information.

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