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The Mighty Conversion

When all is said and done with your business’ online presence,  having pretty designs is not the end all (and that, coming from a designer, is a bold statement). What matters is conversions. Maybe you’ve heard of conversions, maybe you haven’t. Either way, they’re everything. The whole point of your web design, Call to Actions, lead tracking, and everything else is to convert these casual visitors into paying customers. So what do we do?

Well, rather than try to reinvent the wheel, why don’t we check in with the famous industry experts? Today’s blog post will consist primarily of 14 awesome insights from these experts (courtesy of

1) Bryan Eisenberg:  Marketing optimization expert, keynote speaker and New York Times best selling author & columnist.

“Where there is friction there is opportunity. Either you solve it for your customers today or a competitor will do it tomorrow.”

2) Ian Lurie: Internet marketer and has 15+ years experience in SEO. He is the CEO of Portent Interactive and writes for Conversation Marketing.

“Never have a paragraph longer than 3-4 lines of text. Just trust me on this one. Folks don’t want to read War and Peace. These days, folks don;t even want to read USA Today. Keep your message short and sweet.”

3) Michael Aagaard: Owner of

“I don’t care much for best practice -  I care about conversions. That’s why I test.”

4) Tim Ash: CEO of SiteTuners, Author of Landing Page Optimization and Chair of the Conversion Conference.

“Remove images and interactive rich-media content unless it directly supports your conversion goal and is a clearly superior way of conveying important information. Bland landing pages are often the best converting ones.”

5) Peep Laja: Owner of

“Users don’t care about you, they care about themselves and solutions to their problems. Write copy accordingly.”

6) Carlos del Rio: Designer at

“Show your landing page to someone that doesn’t know anything about your business. After 10 seconds you will have a long list of things to fix.”

7) Brian Massey: Owner of

“The best design isn’t the one that makes your company look cool and edgy and sophisticated. It’s the design that supports conversion, has room for good copy and powerful CTA’s that make people click the big orange button.”

8) Chris Goward: Co-Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel and is a leading expert in Conversion Optimization.

“We listen to our gut, then test what it says. We gather marketing research, then test it. We create best practices, then test them. We listen to opinions, then test them. We hear the advice of experts, then test it.”

9) Angie Schottmuller: Interactive content master.

“The key to magnetizing your content is effectively incorporating ALL three angles of relevance; business interest, user interest, and time significance.”

10) Rand Fishkin: CEO of

“The best investment you can make in Conversion Rate Optimization is people- developers, designers and marketers who believe in and focus on conversion will bring you a far greater return than any singular effort.”

11) Roberta Rosenberg: President and CEO of MGP Direct, Inc.

“Your copy should always be about relationship building - solving problems, making life easier, easing pain. To develop a long-term relationship with a customer, keep their needs first. That helps build loyalty and loyalty builds credibility.”

12) Avinash Kaushik: Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.

“Never let your campaigns write cheques that your website can’t cash.”

13) Gregory Ciotti: Founder of Sparring Mind and the Marketing guy at HelpScout.

“One excellent way to find insights that can increase conversions is to stop focusing on why people say ‘yes’, and zoom in on what makes them say ‘no’.”

14) Naomi Niles: Partner at ShiftFWD.

“What you prefer or what your designer prefers doesn’t matter if it’s not getting you conversions.”

So as you can probably tell, conversions are important. But how do we get conversions? How do we figure out what works and doesn’t work? Test, test, test. All of this takes time and effort, but without the proper testing of the effectiveness of your landing pages and CTA’s, you’re just stuck with the “I chose red because it’s my favorite color” problem. That doesn’t get paying customers.

There are tools readily available to do such testing, and will be like a knight in shining armor for your business. So what are you waiting for? Get those conversions!

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