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The Future of MD Email Marketing is Now

When someone asks you, “What’s in the future for the Internet,” tell them that it is already here. Things are changing so rapidly that every day IS the future of the Internet. No where can this be seen more readily than what you can do with your MD Email Marketing right now.  Here are some of the latest innovations in the use of Email for marketing.

Mobile Communications and Email

The buzz about mobile marketing is mounting for good reason. How many times have you been riding the subway or waiting in line at the grocery and conducted “mobile email triage” via your smartphone? The odds are, quite a bit.

Consider these facts …

  • 45 percent of Web mobile use is spent checking email.
  • There are 5 billion mobile devices worldwide.
  • 73 percent of mobile users are interested in shopping from their phone.
  • People who use mobile devices are more brand conscious than any other demographic.
  • Mobile marketing is uniquely location conscious - Mobile allows marketers to be relevant by being on the right platform, in the right place, at the right time, with an immediate, relevant offer.
  • Smartphones are gateways to all social media. There are over 50 million mobile social network users in the U.S., and that number will increase 60 percent by 2015.
  • People who check their email on their smartphone are more likely to text and tweet a friend with information than those without smartphones.

Social Media and Email

Your best practice is to use social media to drive interested prospects to your email list. Use Facebook and Twitter to provide links to email opt-in landing pages or signup forms. Think in reverse to that and use your email to drive your social media efforts. Include social links and “share-to-social” links in your emails to drive content sharing

The Social Inbox

Popular email providers have recently launched features that integrate users’ social media feeds. These social inbox features allow users to manage and control their inbox by more prominently featuring the most relevant emails and filtering out what isn’t desired.

  • Yahoo!Mail - now has a “social hub”. The hub includes an initial view of the inbox that only shows mail from people in an individual’s contact list. It also shows Facebook status updates and allows for posting directly to Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Gmail – Applies the Google search algorithm to the inbox.  As a result, it filters content based on a user’s interaction with a sender and within keywords found in emails the user has opened. Filtered emails are given “priority” and featured in the priority inbox.
  • Microsoft’s Hotmail – the “sweep” feature enables users to automatically send emails from a specific sender to a folder other than the inbox or to be deleted automatically. This poses a challenge for email marketers when their email is selected for deletion. Unlike an unsubscribe link, there is no feedback from a subscriber if they really did chose to delete or unsubscribe.
  • Facebook - Facebook Messages has is its own version of email. The message feature on Facebook has been around for many years, but now users have the option of creating a domain email address.
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