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The Frontline of Effective Cosmetic Surgery Web Advertising

First things first, you must start with a contemporary and professionally designed website before attempting any cosmetic surgery web advertising. Even a practice that has had a great site for several years probably needs to consider planning a complete makeover before long. Here are just a few reasons:

  • 80% of searches for cosmetic surgeons are now done online.
  • 90% of people searching the Internet never look beyond the first thirty search result on Google or Bing.
  • If your site shows up lower than the top ten listings, the odds of a potential client visiting your site are less than 20%.
  • The average effective life span of a website is three to five years.

The primary reason cosmetic surgery web advertising is ineffective for many plastic surgeons is because their web site is simply not an effective platform for such a campaign. If your site has not had a complete makeover in more than three years, it’s time to budget and plan for one. Until then here are some basics you can focus on to make your site as search friendly as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For the web savvy cosmetic surgery practice this may seem too elementary. But, there are some things learned early on in life that we all do well to remind ourselves of from time to time. Improving the quality and volume of web site traffic through organic search results can never be stressed too much.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals think they have SEO handled without realizing they have made some serious SEO miscalculations. You can learn more about these in our article, 10 Biggest SEO Mistakes. Among these mistakes are:

  • Thinking SEO is a one-time endeavor
  • Not specifying unique and targeted title tags for each page
  • Poor URL structure
  • Hiring a guaranteed placement SEO firm
  • Not holding someone accountable for SEO management

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Search Engine Marketing is a broad term that covers two main areas: gaining web traffic through free SEO efforts and through paid search advertising.  SEM involves an combination of SEO driven activities designed to attract visitors to your site and can include some are all of these:

  • Adwords
  • Pay per Click Ads
  • Article submissions
  • Banner and other advertising on other web sites.

ON-page/ OFF-page Optimization

On-page optimization entails all that exists on your website and can include everything from Javascript code to META data.  Off-page optimization refers more to the marketing side of optimization (SEM) and activities that are performed outside your website such as link-building.

Back to Basics

Once you have an up-to-date site using the best in SEO, SEM, and ON-page/OFF-page optimization where do you go from there to make your cosmetic surgery web advertising effective? Jakob Nielsen, the usability guru, has recently noted these facts about Internet users:

  • When people go online they know what they want.
  • They are very resistant to highlighted promotions or other editorial choices that try to distract them.
  • “Web users have always been ruthless and now are even more so.”
  • “People want sites to get to the point; they have very little patience.”

The bottom line of Nielsen’s conclusions is that paid advertising on the web has minimal effect. The best web advertising is solid content that gives people what they are already looking for and makes it easy for them to find it.



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