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Ten Tips for Successful Healthcare Online Marketing

A great looking website doesn’t mean much if people are not visiting it, and often. Just asgoing into practice was only the beginning of your medical career, that web presence is just the beginning of an online presence that is profitable. That is why it is crucial you make the most of your web presence by taking the proper steps to ensure people find that doorway. Here are ten tips for successful healthcare online marketing.

#1 It all starts with a Name

Unfortunately many medical professionals pick a domain name for all the wrong reasons. When it is available many pick their own name regardless of how difficult it is to remember or spell. The much better approach is to create a domain name that reflects what you do and where you are located. For example is not a good choice. On the other hand, is. If you have several locations it may be best to have small, 5-10 pages sites with the name of each area in the domain name.

#2 Research Keywords

Either take advantage of the Google’s free keyword tool or go to the next level and pay a professional for some keyword help. The object in Healthcare Online Marketing is to choose keywords that make it more likely for prospective patients to find you, particularly in local searches in. See our article on top key words in the plastic surgery industry.

#3 Use your Keyword Several Times on Each Page

While you will find different rules for what percentage of a page should be comprised of your chosen keyword there is a simple formula that anyone can remember. Use the keyword for each page about one time per paragraph. Also be sure and link at least two of those keywords back to the home page.

#4 Avoid Keyword Confusion

The general rule is to have on only one keyword per page on your web site. It is much better to have multiple pages with each page focused on one topic/keyword than overload pages with multiple keywords. Instead of having one page called “Procedures”, have keyword rich pages of individual topics (i.e. liposuction, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty). Successful healthcare online marketing involves leading followers to associate the one thing they are looking for with you.

#5 Don’t Forget Title Tags

This is the name for each page on your website. By including the keyword or keyword phrase in the title of a page you are helping Google recognize how to categorize your site. Your home page title is most important but every page should be optimized to gain attention.

#6 Create New Doorways with Images

You probably have used some great photos and graphics to illustrate the story you are telling with your site. It is vital that you designate alt tags and links with those images. Always use your keywords as a part of those alt descriptions. This offers yet another way for Google to associate your picture with your main keyword thus driving page rankings higher.

#7 Link it Up
This is something that can be overdone so only use about 2-3 links per page. Anymore and Google will penalize your page rank position. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 links per page. Be sure the words or phrases you choose for linking are consistent throughout a page.

#8 Content First – Then SEO

There is nothing more important than the quality of the subject matter and wording of your content. It is the first thing a visitor sees and the main reason they come to your site. Visitors don’t come to your site to gauge how well you optimized it for search engines. Quite the opposite! They are looking for helpful information they can use to make important personal decisions, the most important one being whether or not to make an appointment with you. The best SEO is invisible to the average visitor.

# 9 Tell your Story with Videos

Today’s healthcare online marketing requires video to be central to an overall marketing strategy.  From a visitor’s viewpoint, videos offer the most information in the most attainable format. From a search engine viewpoint, Google likes videos and gives them a lot of weight. Brief introductory and patient testimonial videos are the best.

#10 Publish Quality Content – A Lot

Find creative ways to publish content other places than your web site and then link back to your site. Free article directories like and offer ways to link back to your web pages. Another great doorway back to your site is through press releases. Press releases are one of the most powerful online marketing tools available.

Take a moment to examine your website. Are you already employing these tips in your healthcare online marketing? Are you weak on some? Be sure and do website checkup at least once a week to ensure all of these are in place.


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