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Take Charge of your Cosmetic Surgery Leads

Successful cosmetic surgery practices are dependent on a fresh and valid pool of leads for new clients. That is why many physicians expend a good deal of resources to obtain qualified cosmetic surgery leads from professional services.

While lead lists have their place they have a number of inherent problems, among them being a great deal of money paid for what often proves to be old leads. The best advice is to use such services sparingly while taking charge of generating your own qualified leads as well. This does not have to be a time consuming process nor does it take a marketing expert to accomplish.

By following these simple steps you can track and act upon all the cosmetic surgery leads generated by your various web and social media efforts.

#1 Use Tagged URLs

A tagged URL gives you a simple and accurate method to identify how visitors found their way to your web site or blog. This will enable you to determine precisely the number of visitors received from:

  • Portals you subscribe to
  • Your online ads
  • Your e-newsletter
  • Trade-magazine Web sites
  • Google searches
  • Other search-engine searches

#2 Use Web Analytics to Monitor your Internet Visitors

Google Analytics is free and there are also a number of excellent professional web-site tracking tools that cost under $50 a month. These tools provide snapshot of the number of absolute unique visitors your site gets over any specified time period, which external sources visitors used to find your site, how many visitors landed on your “contact us” page, and a host of other useful pieces of information.

TIP – If you choose a hosted tool that requires hidden code on your web site, be sure and place that code at the top of each web page. This makes the code the first thing to load and ensures registering the most accurate information.

#3 Feature your “Contact Us” Page

Don’t assume people will take the time to look for your contact information. Make sure that “contact us” page is painless to find, as in at the top of every page on your site. Make sure your contact form is simple, short and straightforward. Give people too much work to do or ask for too much information and most will decide to forget the form altogether. Don’t waste visitors’ time by asking for web site refer information. Your analytics tools will register that information automatically.

# 4 Establish Rules for Which Visitors Become Leads

The number of visitors that at least view your “contact us” page are leads. The number that register information there are qualified leads.

 #5 Cultivate Those Leads

Most first time people who visit your site are in the research phase. Though not ready to call for an appointment, they are looking at possibilities, thinking about what they might want to do some time in the future, and comparing before-and-after photos. Chances are good they are also looking at a number of other cosmetic surgery sites as well.

The next step is to move those visitors from curious onlookers to warm prospects seriously considering scheduling a consultation. To move visitors from just curious to warm leads it is essential to do timely follow-up. You need to be top-of-mind when they are ready. That involves a proactive step that is easily accomplished over the Internet.

Auto responders and e-newsletters are perfect for this. They both keep prospects in the loop with repeated contacts and both are not labor intensive on your part. However you cultivate your leads, be sure your messages show a sincere interest in helping the prospect in a professional manner.


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