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Suggestions to make your Plastic Surgery Website a Winner

Most plastic surgeons have invested wisely by contracting a professional designer to implement their web site. However, the best of sites can develop small glitches that over time add up to major performance problems. Just as a car needs a periodic oil change and tune up, you need to pop the hood on your web site from time to time and make sure its engine is finely tuned

Here are some simple suggestions to ensure your plastic surgery website runs like it just came off the show room floor.

Tune Up #1: Page Titles no Longer than 70 Characters

Every page’s title appears at the top of your browser window. This is also the title Google will display in search results. If a title is longer than 70 characters browsers and search engines will probably cut off the end of the text. Titles should be keyword-rich and concise. When a page title is too long, the importance of the key words is diluted causing page ranking to drop.

Tune Up #2: Meta Descriptions no Longer than 160 Characters

 The Meta description is the text beneath the page title in search results. These are important because they give someone searching Google a concise idea what that page is about. As in the Page title, if a Meta description is too long it will be truncated.

Tune Up #3: Page Keywords All the Same

Every page on your site is another opportunity for searchers to find you online. Use a diversity of keywords throughout your site. Consider the content of each individual page and find target keywords that are unique to that content.  It is a classic mistake to think of the homepage as the only portal to your site. Every page is a portal and should be given equal opportunity to be found.

Tune Up #4: Wrong Amount of Text on a Page

Search engines read text better than any other element on a web page. Because of this, many designers put as much text as possible on every page.  When the ratio of text to key words is out of proportion, search engines can determine the relevant text as effectively.

Tune Up #5: Domain Name About to Expire

This one will probably surprise a lot of readers. By registering your domain name for longer periods of time search engines will see your site as less likely to be spammy than sites about to expire. Don’t wait till the last minute to re-register your site.

Tune Up #6: Images Have No ALT Text

Search engines can’t read images but instead scan for text. While an image can’t be seen by search engines, its ALT text can. Check every image and make sure it has a corresponding ALT text.

Tune Up #7: Conversion Form Too Lengthy

Your “Contact Us” page and sign up forms are the gateway to Internet Marketing success! Everything is aimed at getting a new or returning visitor to fill out that form. Therefore, keep the form as concise as possible. One plastic surgeon’s sign up form asked for Name, Address, Email address, City, State, Zip Code, Age, Gender, and Income bracket. The odds are that web site engine is about to blow a gasket.

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