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Simple and Effective Ideas for Plastic Surgery Posts

Great blogs require consistently well written content. But where does a busy medical professional find winning ideas for plastic surgery posts? Here are some simple and effective types of post to consider.

The “Don’t Take Anything for Granted” Post

Your blog is a great place to create interest among prospective patients and connect with existing patients. Most plastic surgeons understand this and work hard at providing quality informational content.  There are times, however when it’s a good idea to post an article about how to use your blog.  Working to come up with new ideas of plastic surgery posts can be time waster if visitors aren’t taking advantage of your blog’s features.

For example, one plastic surgeon’s great new blog had a comment left on a post that went like this, “Awesome blog, do you have Twitter or Facebook?” The catch to this is that both a Twitter and Facebook badge is prominently displayed on the right side bar in plain sight of the article where this comment was made.

Don’t take anything for granted. Post an article about your blog. Explain how to use the “contact us” page. Give simple directions for how to use the Twitter, Facebook and RSS feed buttons. In other words, hold your visitor’s hands a bit. They will appreciate it.

The “Who’s Who” Post

Everyone likes to be recognized a bit. With a patient’s permission, post a testimonial they left earlier on your site. If a patient receives some kind of recognition in their job, post congratulations. If one of your staff members has a child who plays for the new conference football championship team, post a team picture and offer a pat on the back.

The “Featured Procedure” Post

Good blogs and web sites encourage what some call “looping.” The longer a visitor stays on your blog, the more likely they are to bookmark the site, post a like to Facebook, or tweet a message to their followers. Even if you have descriptions of all your procedures elsewhere on your site, consider having a “featured procedure” post once a month or once a week. Provide links from the blog post to the full article on your procedures page. Several things are accomplished with this type of post:

  • Visitors are led to another section of your site where they can learn more about the blog post procedure and are then exposed to a wider range of services you provide. This keeps a visitor in the loop longer.
  • This kind of post allows you to use information you have already spent time on and repurpose it for your blog. A good idea is to have the first half of the content on your blog post with a “continue reading” link that leads to the original content.

The “Repurposed Comments” Post

If a particular article in the past generated a good amount of conversation, consider writing a post featuring the best comments posted at that article. This is a great way to breathe new life into a post that is no longer generating attention. It requires very little new content and introduces new visitors to blog posts they may never find on their own.

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