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Did you know there are over 3.3 million searches each month on Google alone that include the phrase “plastic surgery” and over 4 million searches on Google for “cosmetic surgery”

Even if you divide out the 7.4M searches each month across the top 200 major metro areas in the U.S., you are still left with 37,000 searches per month for those two phrases alone! Hartford Connecticut is the 200th largest metro area right now with a population of 124,000. If your area has more than 124,000 people in it, you likely have far more search volume available. And if you are in one of the top 50 or 100 markets, the numbers just keep going up. And these are just the top 2 phrases. When we mix in the thousands of other phrases sending traffic to our client sites, you start to get a full picture of the opportunity available when ranking for these phrases.

The point here is that there is huge demand online for plastic surgery information. Consumers turn to the Internet to investigate procedures and doctors.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO is simply reviewing data to find areas for improvement and implementing best practices to move your site up in the rankings. The key with MDWebPro is that we have both the data and the best practices.

Here is our CEO Marc Ohmann discussing the value of holding a top position in Google for these plastic surgery phrases.

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