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Plastic Surgery Web Design

Here are some of our most popular articles about Plastic Surgery web design.

Dos and Don’ts for Plastic Surgeon Website Design

When planning your Plastic Surgeon Website Design it is vital to understand how people read on the Web and why they read that way. Visitors don’t read – they scan. For some reason, Internet readers feel like they are wasting time if they read too much of what is there. As a visitor to one site said, “If I have to sit here and read the whole article, then I’m not productive.”

Smart plastic surgeon website design understands this and makes finding information as effort free as possible for the visitor. Every visitor to your site has a reason they came there. These simple do’s and don’ts of site navigation can make all the difference in visitors finding what they are looking for and sticking with the information presented to them. Read More

10 Rules for Making Call to Actions Work

A call to action is exactly what the term implies. It is an opportunity for a visitor to your blog or web site to do something. Many sites have calls to action but do not show the kind of results they should produce. If you follow these 10 rules, that should not be a problem for you.

1. Establish the Need

Before visitors to your site will commit they must recognize the need. Infomercials that produce sales show their creators understand this. Before people are asked to respond, they are first shown a problem or need they can relate to and presented with evidence the product can solve that problem or fill that need. Read More

Suggestions to make your Plastic Surgery Website a Winner

Most plastic surgeons have invested wisely by contracting a professional designer to implement their web site. However, the best of sites can develop small glitches that over time add up to major performance problems. Just as a car needs a periodic oil change and tune up, you need to pop the hood on your web site from time to time and make sure its engine is finely tuned Read More

Medical Website Design

We receive a lot of requests for medical website design. Often these requests are sparked by a clinic comparing their site visually to the competitors sites and finding that their site is lacking in design and/or content. And occasionally the requests we see for medical website design center around a rebranding of the practice.

Unless a site has a terrible design, we generally recommend making smaller incremental improvements to a sites layout and design to improve the overall look and feel without a complete site overhaul. The benefits to this strategy are: Read More

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies – Google Ads

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is basically how you improve the visibility of your website on the list of results through a search engine, based on the key words it contains. Some companies pay to have their websites higher up on the list of results, but providing enough key words on your site by yourself is a way to bring your website higher up without paying anything out of pocket. Read More

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