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Plastic Surgery SEO

Introducing our Who’s the best in plastic surgery SEO report for Q3 2011. The report is a collection of Google ranking statistics for the top 10 plastic surgery related search phrases in each of the top 200 major metropolitan areas in the US.  For more details you can also read the blog post introducing the report and plastic surgery seo winners.

How to use the report

Start by searching for your city. Now we only compiled the report for the top 200 major metro areas so you might have to search for a nearby city of larger size if your city doesn’t show any results. Once the results for your city are displayed, you will see your top local competition ranked in order by how many #1, Top 3, Top 5 and Top 10 search engine listings they have. We combine these metrics together into the ‘Rank’ column.

You will also see stats for LRD (Linking Root Domains) which is the number of unique websites linking to this competitors site.  Links which is the total number of links to this competitors site.  And Authority which is the SEOmoz domain authority for this competitor — basically a metric of their influence on the web on a scale of 1-100.

If you want to search for a specific domain, use the Domain search field.  And if you would like to limit the results by a particular search phrase, you can select a phrase from the Phrase filter.

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