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Plastic Surgery Newsletter Content that Works

Directed e-mail is still the single best channel for creating and maintaining a loyal base of followers. And the most effective e-mail of all is that regular newsletter you send out to people who have opted in to receiving information from you. A recent article noted that plastic surgery newsletter content works because: newsletters are consistent, make excellent conversation starters, and get referrals.

But where does all that great content come from? Here are some ideas for your plastic surgery newsletter content that work and won’t keep you from what you do best, treating your patients.

Start a Conversation

Make your newsletters grist for the conversation mill. Instead of expending so much time looking for new content, pose provocative questions that encourage reader feedback. Cosmetic surgery is filled with controversial issues so you should never run out of ideas. The combination of a decent following and thought provoking questions is sure to create lively interaction.

You can then add fuel to the conversation fire by including some of the answers you receive in the next newsletter. Followers who see their responses in a newsletter become energized to share that content with others. Social media works multiply this effect exponentially. In essence, your questions and followers’ subsequent answers become the winning content you need.

Run Best of the Month/Year Editions

Nothing makes better use of the investment you have already made into winning content on your web site and blog than repurposing it in newsletters. Send out a newsletter that recaps the very best content you featured in the previous month. Do the same thing at the end of each year.

The reasons for repurposing content this way are covered in detail in our article, Five Facts about Content No Plastic Surgeon Should Ignore. Three of those facts are important in understanding why “best of” newsletters are so effective.

  • You Can’t Say it Too Many Ways:  People learn through multiple formats. Information you presented as straight text on a blog post can be repurposed into bullet points for a newsletter. Or perhaps you can include a link to a video that covers a procedure you featured on your web site recently.
  • Followers have Selective Attention - The term from neuroscience is “reticular activating system.” RAS has to do with the concept of selective attention, meaning we naturally gravitate toward information or ideas that we are invested in. This is illustrated by what happens amidst the den of jumbled conversations in a crowded room. For some time you process nothing from the conversation outside your immediate sphere until someone mentions your name or something that is meaningful to you. Suddenly, that conversation has your brain’s interest. What didn’t catch a particular follower’s interest earlier may well now. Use that to your advantage and save time by featuring “best of” posts in your newsletters.
  • Emotional Triggers – All readers and followers employ their emotions when making decisions to one degree or another. Just as followers have selective attention, they also have different emotional responses from one time to another. A follower that had no interest in facial reconstruction a month ago does now because of an accident her best friend was just involved in.

Recap and “best of” newsletters provide a great opportunity to highlight comments made by patients and web followers. Both of these methods for generating plastic surgery newsletter content are both effective and time savers for a busy medical professional.

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