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Plastic Surgery Marketing

Below are some of the most popular articles from our blog on plastic surgery marketing.

Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies – Google Ads

One of the most popular of plastic surgery marketing strategies is the use of Google Ads. Unfortunately, due to changes made by Google and lack of good ad planning by plastic surgeons, many of those ads do not convert into a single new patient.

There was a time you could purchase top positions for your Google ads thus ensuring they had high visibility. Those days are gone! Google now employs what it calls a quality score. If Google assigns your link a low quality score, you are punished with… Read More

Three Milestones in Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Regardless of what strategy you settle on for your plastic surgery Internet marketing, there are three milestones you must always achieve for consistent success.

Milestone #1: Get found

Potential clients have to find you before they can learn more about you. That may sound simplistic, but prospects finding you IS what plastic surgery Internet marketing is all about…   Read More

Make your Plastic Surgery Advertising a Holiday Affair

There are a number of reasons to do something special with your plastic surgery advertising during the holidays. Just as people tend to become more body conscious in late spring, cooler weather means Thanksgiving, Christmas and the arrival of many social gatherings. Consumers, including those seeking cosmetic procedures, are attuned to the seasons.

That means you should adapt your plastic surgery advertising to fit the coming holiday season. Medical professionals who are committed to an aggressive online marketing strategy understand these… Read More

Why Email Marketing for Plastic Surgery Still Works

Remember when e-mail was the next big thing and everyone began using e-mail blasts as their preferred way to connect with potential clients? It might be wise to quit putting that in the past tense because e-mail marketing for plastic surgery still works. In fact, amidst the flood of social media channels, targeted email may be the single most effective way to ensure connecting with patients and potential patients.

Forbes Media conducted the Ad Effectiveness Survey in March of 2009 in which it found e-mail marketing was a close second to SEO when it came to generating conversions. Another study in the same year by the Direct Marketing Association showed that e-mail out-performed every other form of direct marketing. . . . Read More

Improving Your ROI in Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Who gets the best Return on Investment with their plastic surgery Internet marketing? According to the Harvard Business Review, the answer is whoever responds the fastest to online customer queries. Findings in the Review’s March 2011 study show that most businesses aren’t responding quickly enough to online queries to make them pay off.

When you respond to a query within an hour you are seven time more likely for that person to call back and initiate a conversation. That’s the good news but the bad news is that less that 40% of businesses respond to a query within those golden 60 minutes. In fact, the average response time to a query was 42 hours. The Harvard study makes it clear that the best way to improve your ROI in plastic surgery marketing is by improving your response time to queries. . . . Read More

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