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Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies and Ideas: Content 101

Many cosmetic surgeons have dedicated themselves to mastering Internet marketing in the same way they mastered their profession. They are committed to using winning plastic surgery marketing strategies and ideas. But all of those strategies ultimately are driven by top drawer content on their blogs, web sites, and social media platforms.

A while back, we looked at the basic elements of a good blog post. They consist of:

  • Lead Paragraph
  • Relevant Image
  • Personal Experience
  • Main Body
  • Discussion Question
  • Brevity
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Short Sentences
  • Simple Words
  • Internal Links

If you have been working at good blog content for a while you have those elements down. Over time, however, you have found that coming up with the volume of informative content needed to continually update your site can become a time and brain drain. Regardless of your creativity, you are bound to run out of ideas from time to time.

Here are some ideas for where to find great content to complement your plastic surgery marketing strategies and ideas:

Reflect on your Specialty - Any current trend or fad in plastic surgery can make for great content. What is the hottest topic among your peers? What are patients asking about the most? Answers to these questions are launching pads to winning content.

Watch Television – During half time of that football game check out what’s being said about cosmetic procedures on the news or talk shows. Do your homework and set the DVR to record that upcoming special on The View or Dr. Oz. Your patients are watching these shows and are interested in what the hosts are talking about.

Visit Message Boards - By visiting plastic surgery message boards you can check the interest pulse of your potential patients. The best way to interest people is to join the conversation that is already out there and then provide something more meaningful to add to that conversation.

Carry Out Site Surveys - By surveying visitors to your website, you will be able to determine the kind of information they are looking for. Ask them what they need and then give it to them.

Check out the Non-fiction Best Sellers – What books are hot that deal in some way with your profession? Is there a biography just out about some movie star that had a positive or negative experience with plastic surgery? Has a specialist just come out with a guide to plastic surgery?

Check Out your Guest Book - Questions and comments on your site’s guest book can provide you with great ideas for new content.

Listen to your Patient’s Questions - Keep a list of all questions or concerns you get from site visitors and patients. These are probably the same questions being asked by potential clients. The best content answers questions that are already of the minds of those seeking information.

Remember the Season - You may be able to come up with some topics based on the time of year. Liposuction, for example, becomes more popular with the beginning of summer or after the holidays.

You have those winning plastic surgery marketing strategies and ideas. Now fuel the fire with content that matters to those who find you as a result of those strategies.


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