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Plastic Surgery Email Advertising Simplified

Savvy professionals know that email is still one of the most efficient ways to keep their name in front of both potential and current clients.  Plastic surgery Email advertising probably has the best Return on Investment of any online advertising strategy you can employ, is somewhat inexpensive, offers extraordinary conversion rates, and produces measurable and real returns comparative to the amount of time and effort required.

Don’t be lulled into assuming there is nothing to running an effective emailing advertising campaign. Successful practices know there is a lot more to effective email advertising that sending out a huge batch of emails. At the same time, it isn’t complicated either. Remembering three simple steps will make your plastic surgery email advertising do everything you expect and more.

Take the Time to Build a Solid List

If you want to jump start you email advertising campaign you can purchase quality lists of emails for people who have already expressed an interest in the services you provide.  But these do cost money have a relatively short shelf life. The only good email list is one that contains names of people who have requested information fairly recently. There’s nothing worse than spending premium money for an email list and finding out half the addresses on it are no longer valid.

Another way to get a good list is to build one yourself. That means placing opt-in options on every newsletter, blog and web page you have. Names on this list will have a much longer shelf life because these are people who have already read something by you. A few things that will help this list to continue to grow and avoid seeing people opt-out later include:

  • Targeted Auto Responders – Don’t set up a generic auto responder! That is the equivalent of a form letter and no one likes those. Create auto responders that are specific to fields checked when someone signs up to be on your list. Set them up to insert the person’s first name. Always include all contact information on every auto responder.
  • Set up a Response Schedule – Have a 1, 3 and 7 day plan for following up on every person who opts-in to your mailing list. Don’t bombard them; just let them know you actually noticed them.

Deliver a Clear - Concise Message

The most effective email advertising provides a clear and concise message to recipients. The first paragraph of any email advertisement is the most important. Keep to four sentences at the most and provide a recognizable value upfront. If you are announcing a new procedure, don’t bury it half way down the page. Most people determine if they want to read the rest of what you have to say in that first paragraph.

Get an Email Service

The best practices don’t wait for their email campaigns to fall on their face. They are proactive, imaginative and work to ensure their campaign will be both successful and appreciated by recipients. Since you don’t want this process to become a black hole of resources, both time and money, you will do yourself a great favor by using an Email advertising service. There are good software packages to manage email advertising but many are finding web based services more cost effective and flexible. Some to consider include Constant Contact, IContact and MailChimp.

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