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Plastic Surgery Advertising

Below are some of the most popular articles from our blog on plastic surgery advertising.

A Subtle but Effective Advertising Idea for Plastic Suregons

While marketing your plastic surgery practice is essential to survive in the competitive field of aesthetic medicine it is equally important to avoid the negative effects of too aggressive advertising. One way to maintain the positive image you desire is to use less intrusive methods of attracting new patients.

A subtle but effective advertising idea for plastic surgeons is to provide a service that doesn’t directly promote their practice at all. This may seem counter to recommendations for branding but actually just takes a longer view of things. Nothing hooks Internet searches like useable information. Read More

Advertising Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

Whether for online or print campaigns, there are some basic principles that apply to all kinds of effective advertising. There has seldom been an ad that was great on the first attempt. Most ads begin with an educated guess that is followed by numerous cycles of testing and tracking. Sometimes an adjustment to one small element of an ad can radically change the response to it.

However, every advertisement should be built on some proven basic elements. Here are some basic advertising ideas for plastic surgeons that can make the difference between a successful ad campaign and a failure. Read More

Two of the Best Marketing Campaigns for Botox Treatments

Plastic surgeons need to understand the demographics of their current clientele as well as the area served by their practice. If you know the majority of your potential clients fit into a certain income range then the marketing campaign chosen must appeal to that demographic. Here are two very different approaches that both rate as best marketing campaigns for Botox treatments. Read More

10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies

You cannot be a successful plastic surgeon without a steady stream of clients. Though this is no secret, how to attract, convert and retain those clients often remains a mystery to many. The truth is, there is not a single magic answer. Instead there are a number of plastic surgery marketing strategies that work together to achieve the results your desire. Here are ten tips for marketing your practice

#1: Understand the Decision-Making Process of a cosmetic surgery patient

Help your patients make good decisions by reassuring them with proof they will be happy with their decision. Patient testimonials and solid information is critical to a patient in the decision making process. Read More

Plastic Surgery Advertisements and Twitter

In spite of rapid changes in medical care and insurance coverage and a sluggish economy, plastic surgery is still a growing field.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports an increase of 147% in the number of cosmetic procedures performed by members since 1997. The same report also notes that plastic surgery advertisements are more necessary than ever.

“This market is consumer-oriented, relying heavily on advertising for survival amid the increasing provider competition.” (ASAPS) Read More

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