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Plastic Surgeon Social Media: How to Create a Prospect Profile

One of the main reasons blogs and social media campaigns fail to produce the desired results is a lack of focus. Too many medical professionals don’t have a cohesive plan for presenting their brand to prospective patients. The answer to this common problem is to get a better picture of who it is you are seeking to communicate your brand to.

The first step in that process is to create a prospect profile. Some marketers call this profile, a “Customer Avatar” or “Customer Persona”.  In essence this means coming up with a mental picture of the average person you want to target. All of your content and the image you seek to project is then fashioned with that ideal prospect in mind.

There are a few simple strategies that will help you to determine exactly who your best prospects are so that you can optimize your marketing to speak directly to their desires and concerns. With strategic engagement, you can virtually guarantee that your marketing will resonate with that target group.

Strategies to use in profiling your ideal prospect include:


Well-designed surveys are a great way to discover the unmet needs of your audience.Here are a few guidelines to help you craft a killer survey that people will actually complete:

  1. Don’t Overdo - Survey only at critical times and use other less direct methods to gain more customer insight at other times. When you do survey, use a professional tool like Survey Monkey.
  2. Make it Simple and Direct – It is essential that you get straight to the point. Don’t make people read much, eliminate inessential decisions, and ask no more than five questions per survey.
  3. Only Ask High-leverage Questions – When you design a survey question, ask yourself the following: “will the answer to this question be immediately useful at this stage of my business?” If not, ask a different question.
  4. Gather Qualitative Data – Forget endless check boxes and ask people for short responses in their own words. Questions that invite “open answers” will gain you valuable insights you could not have thought up yourself. This equips you with the tools to communicate with your audience using exactly the same language they used to speak to you.


As you know, Facebook is a great place to interact with your audience. It is one platform where people tend to let down their guard and reveal the most about themselves. Two main ways to use Facebook to better understand your audience are:
Regularly ask engaging questions on your Facebook fan page.

Use your business page to ask fun, strategic questions. Specifically ask for short answers and people will be much more likely to respond. Respond to peoples comments and keep the conversation going.

Do weekly Facebook chats

Once a week, hang out on your Facebook page for an hour or two and let people ask whatever interests them. This strategy is extremely powerful and will also help you improve your EdgeRank Score so that you appear more often in your followers’ news feeds.

Key reader research tactics

  • Whatever strategy you focus on, engage with your followers daily and keep your finger on their pulse so that you can fill their needs better than anyone else.
  • Focus on talking to subscribers and patients.
  • Pay attention to what your audience has to say. It will increase your insights and your authenticity, winning you more loyal fans and patients.

If you employ just a few of these strategies on a regular basis, you’ll likely have all the data you need about your target audience.

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