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Men and Advertising for Botox

When considering your advertising for Botox procedures, now is an excellent time to include potential male clients in your plans. It’s true that male clients account for less than 10% of all cosmetic procedures, but their numbers have increased 88% since 1997. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that men had over 750,000 cosmetic procedures in 2010 and growth in that demographic shows no signs of slowing down.

Men and Botox

The American male grooming market is valued at $3.5 billion annually, and a growing portion of those dollars are now being spent on cosmetic procedures. Because of its relatively clandestine nature, Botox has become attractive to men with over 300,000 receiving non-surgical Botox and other cosmetic treatments last year.

Why Men are Turning to Botox

No Surgery

Dr. Leo McCafferty, a Pittsburgh plastic surgeon, says that men choose Botox over other procedures because the treatments require no surgery and the results look comparatively natural. “Botox very subtly rejuvenates, and, in my opinion, that’s what’s most appropriate for most men,” he said. “You don’t want to feminize the brow or the eyebrow in men.”

Professional Success

Men in high profile professions such as salesmen, attorneys, and high-tech positions want to appear more youthful for business reasons. As we noted in an earlier article, Two of the Best Marketing Campaigns for Botox Treatments, business conscious professionals make up a group every plastic surgeon should be targeting in their advertising.

Dr. Suzan Obagi, director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center, notes that men want to appear younger and more energetic in an increasingly competitive job market. Advertising Botox for men works best when it stresses its gradual and natural effect and the fact men don’t have to take off from work to take advantage of it.

More Discretionary Income

Times are changing but men still make more than women on average. This is illustrated in the fact that Botox treatments for men increased during the recent recession at a far greater rate than among women.

Strategies for Advertising Botox to Men

The greatest hurdle in advertising Botox for men is that of overcoming misconceptions. One of your best options therefore is to find ways to provide information that empowers men to choose Botox.  Some misconceptions your advertising should address include:

  • It Takes too Much Time- Most Botox treatments can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes.
  • People Will Know you Just had it DoneMen often are hesitant to take advantage of treatments because they don’t want co-workers noticing something different after lunch. Advertising to men should stress that Botox treatments produce gradual results over 4-7 days. There are no tell-tale signs such as redness, bruising, or swelling.
  • It Involves Painful Needles – They don’t like to admit it but most men hate needles. For many, that is because the only needle they have felt as an adult was the result of needing a Tetanus booster. Those involve large needles and large volumes of medication. Botox treatments are fast and involve tiny needles and small doses.
  • It is ExpensiveA good advertising strategy is to compare a Botox treatment with a typical business dinner. Business men are used to that expense and the average Botox treatment costs about the same.

E-mail, Facebook, web site, and other inbound marketing campaigns can be very effective in attracting this growing base of potential clients.


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