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Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons – A Branding Checklist


When considering marketing tips for plastic surgeons the place to start is with branding. Both marketing and branding are still relatively new to many medical professionals so understanding and implementing the essentials gives you an advantage in a highly completive field.

Branding- What is it?

Branding has been a buzz word for some time, yet many don’t really grasp what it is or how to accomplish it. At its foundation, branding is a process that separates you from competitors and therefore makes you and your practice more recognizable and memorable to the public including prospective patients.

The ultimate aim in establishing a brand is to create a compelling identity that attracts and retains loyal patients. Branding requires creating a unique image for your practice by employing a consistent theme that is reflected in marketing, advertising, and your patients’ in-office experience.

Medical Marketing and Branding  = the steps and actions you take that separate your practice from the competition and causes it to be more visible and therefore memorable to prospects and patients. It involves creating a consistent image and message for you practice wherever it is seen. The goal of branding in your medical marketing is to establish your identity and communicate that identity consistently to attract and retain clients.

Why Brand?

  • People buy brands for status
  • People refer more often and passionately to a brand they like and trust
  • Attract more cases you want thru branding
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Branded practice has more value
  • Can build and accelerate your practice and reputation

The Checklist

For marketing to be effective a plastic surgeon must take the time to ask pertinent questions about his or her branding. Honest answers to these questions will provide you with more direction than any pre-designed list of marketing tips for plastic surgeons. If possible, have key members of your staff answer these questions as well.

  • Does your current marketing include a consistent practice logo and color palette?
  • Do you have a custom practice brochure that tells your story and carries your message and brand to the public, current patients, and the media?
  • Does your website differentiate your practice from competitors, educate patients and prospects, and effectively call visitors to action?
  • Does your branding and marketing integrate consistent stationery including business cards, appointment cards, letterhead, #10 envelopes, and labels for large envelopes?
  • Do your marketing materials (logo, website, practice brochure, stationery package) have continuity and reflect the personality of your practice?
  • If surveyed, could your patients clearly state why they chose your practice?
  • Have you identified what is distinctive about your services in comparison to other plastic surgeons in your area? Are you clearly articulating that?
  • Have you identified a demographic profile for your top three “typical” clients?
  • Have you identified and implemented detailed strategies to communicate your brand?
  • Can your staff state clearly and concisely what sets your practice apart from others?

The answers to these questions should become an outline for future marketing efforts. Some of these issues can be resolve quickly and at little expense. Other areas will require more thought and budget planning.

One thing that will cost you nothing except a little time is to complete the checklist. While you may not be able to immediately implement changes you will at least have an outline for what needs to be done. And taking the guess work out of your marketing efforts is the biggest part of the battle.

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