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For those who visit our blog regularly you know that we discuss many of the current topics in plastic surgery marketing.  Recently we have discussed creating effective Google Adwords ads, Advertising plastic surgery during the holidays, and of course one of our most asked for topics plastic surgery email marketing.  Despite the fact that plastic surgery is in such high demand, marketing your business may not be as easy as you think. In order to create a successful business, well-structured marketing plans are a must. You have to utilize all the latest techniques and strategies if you want to truly have a successful business. This may even require hiring a special marketing consultant. Though hiring a marketing consultant may prove to be a bit of a financial stress, you’ll find that it will pay for itself with the sharp increase in business after you hire an expert’s help.

Instead of hiring an outside consultant, if you have the time, you can take advantage of the many free marketing resources available online such as our Free Tip Fridays.  Here is a great one covering a Google Analytics tip that we see time and time again not being utilized just because people are unaware of how to use the tool.


There are many tips and tricks to getting the message of your business out there. It may not be as simple as you think. There are complex, psychological reasons that people are attracted to certain advertisements and turned off by others. This is where an expert can come in to assist you in selecting the ads and methods that will best attract new clients. There are certain basic marketing techniques you should be able to practice yourself, however. These include learning about Search Engine Optimization. When you include certain key words in the content of your website, they are more likely to show up higher on Google’s search engine results. To decide which key words to use, you should become familiar with what words people are commonly searching for. Several studies have been done to show which words are Googled in an average month and how many times. By including these words in the content of your website, you increase your chance for visitors.

You can grade your site for the top 10 most searched for phrases in plastic surgery by completing the form below.

Next, you should build a visitor’s trust in your services by providing examples on your website of your previous projects and results. This can be in the form of before/after pictures, instructional videos and instructional descriptions that include basic information your client might need to give them that extra encouragement to commit to your services.  Building trust along with targeting the right audience is what allows us to achieve results such as those in our Botox Marketing Case Study.

As we have seen, superior content on your site drives search engine results.   But we also know that content will get you indexed and only links, citations, and sharing will help you climb in the rankings.  Our own SEO tool tracks all the links coming to our clients sites but here is a free tool you can use to see just who is linking to you already.

When it comes time to build more links, article marketing is one option.  In article marketing articles can be published to article directories or frequently read blogs in your area.  We find that article marketing not only improves a site’s authority from the links acquired but we also see dramatic increases in traffic when the articles are published in the right places.  Article marketing requires publishing quality content in leading article directories. The articles you choose to write must cover trends in plastic surgery that are popular or up and coming so your audience can be well aware of these new trends and find interest just in the fact that they are new.

You can also utilize all the latest social networking devices such as Facebook and Twitter.   Facebook has recently changed the rules for business pages.  Since Facebook has over 350 million members, it seems like this would be a good place to market your business. Create a page for yourself and start sending friend invitation to former or current clients. Attach a link to your Facebook page on your professional website so people can become your Facebook friend that way as well. You should also include a link to your Twitter account. Both your Facebook account and your Twitter account should be updated regularly to allow people to know all of the latest information and specials in your business.  We recommend looking at one of our recent articles on plastic surgery advertisements and Twitter.

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