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Marketing Cosmetic Surgery - Anatomy of an Effective Web Site

A key component to marketing cosmetic surgery is a comprehensive web site. If you take the time to research some of the best ranked sites you will find they share the following common elements.

No Short Cuts

There is no short cut to marketing cosmetic surgery through your web site. As always, content is king. That means solid, consistent and meaningful articles that inform, attract and keep visitors.  The best sites are made up of dozens if not hundreds of pages of aesthetically pleasing and genuinely informative content. Search engines have a thing for websites with a lot of content, in particular those that refresh content regularly. Prospective clients are drawn to content that answers the questions they want answered and is fresh and relevant.

Solid SEO

Consistently visited sites employ sound SEO tactics. As notes in another article, that means staying current with what Google and other search engines are up to.  It also means taking the time to learn legitimate ways to optimize your site while avoiding short cuts that can cost you in the long run.

  • White Hat SEO – Learns and observes the rules.
  • Black Hat SEO – Employs techniques like hidden text, cloaking and doorway pages. These sometimes work but also can penalize your page rankings severely.

Link Building

Effective link building is both an internal and external operation. Good sites always have a site map and avoid duplication within the site as much as possible. A large part of site traffic comes from finding ways to have external links that lead back to your site. Marketing cosmetic surgery requires knowing which sites you want linking back to you. Be a student of what others are doing and do the legwork to have them linking back to you.

Multimedia and Quality Graphics

Good sites use minimal but effective Flash and slide presentations to grab an audience. Many of the most trafficked cosmetic surgery sites use video patient testimonials and other videos to tell the story of their practice.  Quality and original graphics are a common component of winning sites. It is better to have fewer graphics that are professionally made than load your site with graphics that visitors have seen a thousand other places as well. Effective web sites stay away from stock photographs and spend the resources to produce and feature photos of their staff and clinic.


The best medical practice web sites offer numerous ways for visitors to communicate with doctors and staff. Clean, logical buttons clearly show visitors how to post “likes” to Facebook or tweet a link to the site to friends. Feedback forms and other form captures are used throughout the site to afford the practice ways to know who is visiting and how it can respond to their needs. Live web chats are being used increasingly for two reasons: visitors enjoy the benefit of not having to pick up a phone and it reduces the load on busy receptionists.


While it may be transparent to the casual observer, anyone who understands what makes a site effective can see if a practice uses analytics. Practices that analyze traffic to their site respond to the trends they see developing.

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