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Landing Page Basics in a Plastic Surgeon’s Inbound Marketing Strategy – Part One

A strategic element in a plastic surgeon’s inbound marketing strategy is the wise use of landing pages. As we pointed out in The Importance of Landing Pages in a Plastic Surgeon’s Inbound Marketing Strategy, a surprising number of medical professionals spend far too little time perfecting their landing pages. With that in mind, here is some guidance for crafting a winning landing page.

Attention Grabbing Headline

As we have stressed elsewhere, people do not read on the Internet, they scan. A good rule for the headline is the “blink test”. Can your visitors understand the offer you are making and what you are asking them to do in less than 5 seconds?

For your headline to pass the blink test you have to keep things simple and clear. Since it is the first thing your visitors see, it is essential to spend time and thought on the title of your page. A good title:

  • Makes the offer immediately clear so that the visitor understands what the offer is right away.
  • Provides the essential information even if the visitor reads no further. In other words if this is a free offer, make sure the word free is in the title.

When choosing your page title, make sure it matches your ad copy and call to action for that offer. If your visitors click on an ad telling them to download your free treatment information, they should see what they expected when they clicked.

  • Tip: Not only will this increase conversion rates but this can also decrease your cost per click for paid search ads. Google’s ranking algorithm takes into consideration the consistency of your ads and your landing pages.

Content that Communicates

The body of your landing page should provide further explanation about what your offer is and why your visitors should download or sign up for it. Remember that the purpose of the landing page is to create conversions. Format the body of your page in such a way that is as simple as possible for visitors to understand the offer, the value of the offer, and the action you want them to take.

  1. Simplify the visual layout of your text with bullets and various font styles. These should be used sparingly and strategically to draw your visitors’ attention to the key component of your page. Your goal should be to convey the two or three most important pieces of information as quickly as possible.
  2. Use images on your landing pages to reinforce the benefits of your offer. The images should be both captivating and relevant to your offer. A video that explains the offer or gives additional information can also be valuable. Just remember the object is for your visitors to fill out the form.
  3. You page should look professional. It speaks to your authority, and more importantly to your visitors as you ask them for sensitive information. Typos and spelling errors will only reduce the perception of your site as a secure one.

Once you Get them There Keep them There!

Once you put all that work into getting someone to view your landing page you want to be sure and keep them there! The objective is to get them to fill out your form. This is why you want to have as few distractions as possible. To do that, remove all navigation links to other parts of your website.

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