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Internet Marketing and Plastic Surgeons on the New Facebook

Internet marketing and plastic surgeons have proved to be a natural fit for some time. And, many of you have embraced Facebook as an integral part of your Internet strategy. With MySpace left in the dust of yesterday and Google+ too early out of the gate to judge, Facebook is still the standard for social media marketing. It is not only a part of our personal lives but for many medical practices is the foundation for branding and networking.

Almost all of us have a love/hate relationship with the social media giant, but approaching a billion users, Facebook can’t be ignored. At the same time, it is a constantly evolving platform that challenges even professional social media types to keep up with the latest changes. Because of this, how it is used for Internet marketing by plastic surgeons is evolving as well.

Here are some of the most recent changes in Facebook:

News Feeds

Though a fairly minor change, this one still takes some time getting used to. News feeds are now divided into two main sections. Facebook chooses which category a story falls into based on your relationship to the person posting the comment, photo, or other item. Other factors include the number of comments a post has, along with your past interactions with the person posting.

  • Top Stories – These are chosen by Facebook and appear with blue corners distinguishing them from all other stories.
  • Recent Stories – All other comments and status updates.

The Real-Time Ticker

This new feature is one you may want to learn how to adjust your privacy settings for. The idea is to enable a user to interact in real time with friends. The news feeds in the real time ticker include lighter elements of Facebook such as new page likes, some comments, new friendships, and relationship status. Posts that Facebook deems more serious are reserved for the main news feed. There have many a number of complaints about this feature and invasion of privacy. If you don’t like it, you can hide it. CNET has a great how-to-guide for this feature. If use Google Chrome as your web browser, there is a simple plug in that turns the “Real-Time Ticker” off.

Subscriptions for Non-Friends

People can now subscribe to your public updates without becoming a friend. This only affects personal profiles and not your business page. This feature defaults to off and has to be turned on by you. Even if you choose to allow this feature you can still choose to block subscribers and control who can comment on your posts.

Changes in Lists

This feature allows you places friends into groups such as Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family, Other, and Restricted.  “Lists” now allow you to select who can see each status update you make. If you want to post something to close friends but don’t want clients to see it then only submit it to “close friends”.  Organizing your lists will take a little bit of work up front but ultimately will allow you much more freedom in what you post and who sees it. If you want to post something for everyone to see, including those non-friends who may be subscribed to your news feed, then just choose “Public”.

For now Internet Marketing, Plastic Surgeons and Facebook are an obvious marriage. Perhaps Google+ or platforms will succeed but the likelihood of that happening any time soon is dim. The best thing to do is make a peace with the changes, learn how to turn them to your advantage, and keep building that social media platform.

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