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Improving your ROI in Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Who gets the best Return on Investment with their plastic surgery Internet marketing? According to the Harvard Business Review, the answer is whoever responds the fastest to online customer queries. Findings in the Review’s March 2011 study show that most businesses aren’t responding quickly enough to online queries to make them pay off.

When you respond to a query within an hour you are seven time more likely for that person to call back and initiate a conversation.  That’s the good news but the bad news is that less that 40% of businesses respond to a query within those golden 60 minutes. In fact, the average response time to a query was 42 hours. The Harvard study makes it clear that the best way to improve your ROI in plastic surgery marketing is by improving your response time to queries.

Some other numbers that every plastic surgeon seeking to improve his or her Internet marketing effectiveness should consider are:

  • 75% of Internet leads choose the very first medical practice that responds to their query.
  • The first medical practice contacting a lead increases its conversion rate by 238%.
  • Making a phone call within 5 minutes of an inquiry improves your chances of conversion by 194%.
  • First calls to leads are reached 35% of the time and second called are successful 72% of the time.
  • Nearly half the businesses that make a first call to Internet leads never attempt a second call.

The attention span of our culture is short and its Internet attention span is even shorter! Rapid advancements in technology and familiarity with the Internet have resulted in prospective clients expecting immediate action and instant results.  There may have been a time when patience was a virtue but not when it comes to responding to Internet queries. Those first 60 minutes after someone fills out a form on your site or leaves a comment are what makes or break your investment on Internet marketing.

As you well know, professionals that are serious about plastic surgery Internet marketing make sizeable investments to attract leads. To maximize that investment it is essential to react quickly to queries. Every minute that passes after that first hour represents a minute of wasted effort and resources.

The reason visitors to your site fill out forms and leave email addresses is because it takes less time than calling. At the same time, they wouldn’t fill out those forms if they didn’t want to speak to someone about their plastic surgery needs. The question you must answer is, “What manpower have I allocated to make sure those queries are responded to in the shortest time possible?”

Every medical office is busy and the odds are your staff probably thinks it doesn’t have the time to respond to those queries generated by your plastic surgery Internet marketing. Now is the time to talk with your staff and develop strategies for responding sooner to online inquiries. There are also a number of online tools you can take advantage of to create automatic alerts when queries are made.

Whatever actions you take remember this; those 60 minutes will make all the difference in how many new patients your plastic surgery Internet marketing generates.


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