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Ideas for Cosmetic Surgeon Newsletters

Newsletters, like regular blog posts, can be a two-edged sword for a busy medical practice. As a result office staff and plastic surgeons often find themselves struggling to find new ideas for cosmetic newsletters. Part of the problem is that many offices try to reinvent the wheel in content for their newsletters rather than utilizing resources they already have. Learn to recycle that great content you have already created for blog posts and your web site and then focus on some basics about what makes newsletters work.

Newsletters Are Consistent and Expected Reminders

An occasional email here and there is not a newsletter. When you email out a newsletter on a regular basis that is loaded with valuable information it becomes something clients and perspective clients alike make sure does not end up in their spam folder.

Newsletters are Excellent Conversation Starters

Use your newsletter as a way to let your patients know you care about what is important to them. Instruct office staff to ask patients if they have received the latest newsletter. Learn to ask them what they liked most and how they think it could be improved on. People like to be asked for their opinion. They like it even more when they see evidence someone listened.

Good Newsletters Get Referrals

Since most of the people receiving your newsletter are probably already patients it is the best vehicle to offer referral rewards. This doesn’t need to be a hard sale. Instead, a simple graphic labeled “refer a friend” that points back to a specific page on your web site is best. Don’t hesitate to use your newsletters to announce new patient referral incentives such as promotional pricing for newsletter subscribers. Yes, these items have an air of “selling” to them, but if you don’t ask for the sale you won’t get it!

Use Your Newsletter to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Every homepage should have a prominent place to sign up for your newsletter. First time visitors to your site very often are not patients and signing up for your newsletter ensures you a way to continue communicating with them. It is wise to also make it where visitors can recommend or sign other people up for the newsletter.

One purpose of a newsletter is to build a “warm market” or a list of email addresses. Get creative. Offer a small reward to subscribers who forward your newsletter to ten friends. Something like a free cup of coffee at Starbucks will generate more response than you can imagine. Newsletters managed this way help to keep the organic growth of your web traffic moving ahead.

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