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How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

Once you’ve settled the best times of the week to post to your blog the next question to answer is how often you will post.  A good rule is to have an ideal number of posts per week in mind and work up to that over time. If your goal is at least one post per day, start with three quality posts per week and make sure they are posted at the optimum times for good response. With that in mind here are a few guidelines for determining how often you need to post for your blog to have maximum effect.

Post Often Enough to Build Readership

One hard rule to remember is that there is a direct correlation between the frequency of your posts and the growth of loyal readership.  This is true for several reasons:

  • Sporadic posting leads to frustrated readers – infrequent posts lead to infrequent readers.
  • Regular posting keeps you in the front of readers’ minds – Blogs tend to have a life of their own and regular quality posts are the heart of that life.
  • Do the math - more posts equal more pages for Search Engines to index. Each new post is a yet another search engine gateway to your blog.

Be Careful About Too Much of a Good Thing

Though it may sound like a contradiction, if you post too much you can irritate readers and unwittingly cause them to quit following your blog. Various surveys of blog readers show that under posting and over posting were the two main reasons for growing tired of a blog. This means you have to find a balance that engages your readers without making them feel bombarded or over-sold.

It’s All about Rhythm

While posting with frequency is important finding a rhythm that works for you is even more important. If the only day you can post is Wednesday then post every Wednesday. Statistics show this isn’t the best day to post to a blog but rhythm is more important than the statistics. If your readers have learned they can expect a good post every Wednesday then be sure and keep on giving them one on that day.

The ideal post frequency varies considerably from blog to blog

Some blogs need a lot more posts than others to satisfy their readership. If your readers tend to like in-depth posts about various procedures your perform you may find one quality post, strategically placed during the week, along with a couple of other shorter posts at other times of the week works best for you.

Demographics are also a driving factor in how often you should post. Younger readers (20-35) tend to gravitate toward shorter posts they can read every day. Older readers are more likely to take the time to read that one quality long post each week.

The one key factor is to create a blog that attracts new readers and then sets a pattern they can count on.

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