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How Google+ Can Improve your Medical SEO Presence

If you have a Google+ account and are using it fairly actively you will see an improvement in your medical social media. Many professionals who have been using Google+ consistently are beginning to notice something different when they search their own name. Their Google+ Profile is outranking their other social media profiles they have worked on for years. Facebook and Twitter profiles they have had for a long time are now ranking below their Google+ profile in searches.

So why do Google+ profiles show up in searches so high in page rankings? One might think the answer is obvious, they own the search engine. But the answer has more to do with how Google searches its user base compared to how Facebook allows Google to search its users. Facebook actively blocks Google from crawling most of its content. It allows Google to crawl Fan Pages but not regular profiles.

THE END RESULT: Posts and replies between users on Facebook that mention your name are often missed by Google search spiders. The end result is that your name being mentioned on Google+ has a greater SEO presence than anywhere else.

How Google+ Gives you a Competitive Advantage in SEO

Internal Linking

Google+ makes it incredibly easy to link to a lot of people you don’t even know through circles. It isn’t unusual for people who have labored on Twitter for years to have a thousand followers to amass three times that amount in their Google+ circles in a very short time.

The circle strategy makes for fantastic internal linking. Following more than 3000 people may not create a personal social experience, but it does create a huge SEO opportunity. The more your content is shared in other people’s streams and profiles, the more your content is crawled, indexed, and chosen as important by search engines.

Incentivized Inbound Links

Google now displays author photos in its search results. It takes a little effort on your part to take advantage of this but the dividends are well worth it. To learn how to set up inbound links click here.

Indexable Content

Because Google indexes and searches everything in your Google+ profile, there is much more for web crawlers to find out about you. All of the following and more in your profile are searched.

  • Biographical Information
  • Full Text of Public Posts
  • Photos
  • Links to people who have added you to their circles
  • Everything you have ever +1’d

All of that text adds up to thousands of searchable characters. Compare that to the 160 characters Twitter allows for biographical information and your profile on Facebook that looks more like an auto-generated pamphlet to search engines.

TIP: If you want to test this out go to and compare your Google+ and Facebook profile. My Google+ profile provided ten times the number of characters searched compared to my Facebook profile.

On-Page Optimization

Title tags are one of the most significant aspects of on-page optimization. Google allows much longer and descriptive title tags than either Twitter or Facebook. Many Facebook title tags often show up as only three words in searches. The end result is that Google+ title tags offer more to be searched, thus better search results.

Google+ Author Profiles in Search Results

Only Google+ can be searched this way! By linking to Google+ profiles in search results, they create an advantage that no other social media service can duplicate. Since Google first introduced author photos in search results, people have rushed to get their photo included. The reason is simple: rich snippets (as with photos) increased click-throughs.

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