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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: March 5, 2012

Physicians and hospitals must make websites more patient-friendly

Journal of Healthcare Management study says accessibility is the key to a good consumer experience, especially for health care organizations. The study examined elements that contribute to a good website user experience, including accessibility, content, marketing and technology. Read more.

Asthma and Web 2.0

Great apps to help mange asthma. I can’t think of a better way to help a patient, especially a young patient, learn to track and manage their asthma symptoms. Read more.

New study: The world is ready for mobile healthcare

The study “Socio-Economic Impact of mHealth ” - commissioned by Telenor Group and carried out by The Boston Consulting Group - is a comprehensive survey of the impact that mobile health initiatives can have in 12 countries. According to the study mobile health technology can offer sizable benefits to all countries, lead to economic growth and promise a better life for individuals. Read more.

Can Twitter Help Save Lives? A Health Care Social Media Case Study, Part I

Very cool case study of how a grandson used twitter to get medical needs met fast during a crisis. “When we receive a tweet like Matthew’s, everything changes. We must immediately throw out the process flowcharts, remove all barriers, and act. Instantaneously, things shift into high gear and a number of contacts in a variety of departments are contacted to get the right information as quickly as possible.” That is the power social media can have. Read more.

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