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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: January 23, 2012

Chris Boyer

Social Media Shouldn’t Force us to be Transparent. We Should.

Healthcare providers are held to higher standards of transparency than other organizations because the stakes are higher. This article challenges us to look at social media as a tool to hold us to that standard, not the weapon of a public that is out to get us. It also shows a great example of how being on top of your social media reputation can turn a potential bad PR moment into an organic endorsement. Read More

Dr Joseph Kim

5 ways doctors can benefit from professional connections

Business executives understand and appreciate the importance of networking. In their world sharing ideas and fostering professional development happen over lunch on a regular basis. For the physician with a tightly packed schedule however, regular networking time is a luxury few can afford. Here is where social media steps in. It’s a way to make the connections, learn the names and get the information that comes out of traditional professional networking without having to leave your office. Read More

Michelle McNickle

10 Tips for Optimal Social Media Use

I added this article mostly for tip number 10 “Find ways to offer appropriate social supports using social media. . . . using social media for those who are challenged when it comes to participating in traditional opportunities, or those who are struggling with behavior changes or a new diagnosis. “HealthCare Partners on the East Coast are using texting messages to remind people to use their medication,” she said. “Like sunscreen for younger people or appointments for recovering opiate addicts.” In essence, this use of social media is helping people transition through major life changes.'” Such innovative uses of the tool! Read More

Andrew Adam Newman

Using Google’s Data to Reach Consumers

You may be aware that a study by The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene  found that online social media and news feeds were faster than, and broadly as accurate as, the official records at detecting the start and early progress of the cholera epidemic, which hit Haiti in 2010. On a similar note, researchers from Google and the C.D.C. wrote an article in the Journal Nature in 2009, that proposed Google searches could be used to predict flu outbreaks. The new predictive model — now called Google Flu Trends — could be a boon to public health. What you may not know is that the Google flu data has become the cornerstone of an advertising campaign for the Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer. Do you think using this information for product marketing could potentially taint its applicability in outbreak prevention? Read More


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