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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: December 5, 2011

A Complete Guide to Planning a Social Media Presence for Healthcare

Howard Luks

The world of healthcare is inherently siloed, tethered, fragmented and prone to poor communication and collaboration. Today, healthcare workers solve their problems via traditional methods that are often costly, inefficient, nor timely. Increasingly, more savvy healthcare workers are looking outside the system to digital media and communities for answers, but are challenged with uncertainty over concepts of usefulness, practicality, bandwidth issues, “ROI” and privacy concerns.

Establishing a digital presence is rapidly becoming a necessity for healthcare professionals, medical practices, and institutions. Many have recognized this fact, yet many more have not. Read More

With 30k Doctors Registered Doximity is Fast Becoming the Linkedin for Physicians

Rip Empson

. . . The market for mobile health apps is forecasted to quadruple to $400 million by 2016. The health tech space at large, too, is poised for serious growth over the next year, as medical devices and sensors get smarter, connect to the cloud, and now give us easy ways to track our health, fitness, and interact in realtime with providers.

Thankfully, the Web and digital technology are now playing an increasingly important role in the development of healthcare services (and the industry as a whole), so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the professional networking model that has worked so well for LinkedIn is proving just as effective when applied to the sizable network of American physicians. Read More

How to Get Started in the Healthcare Conversation with the Healthcare Hashtag Project

Angela Dunn

Despite naysayers and laggards, the growth of social media continues to explode. In the past year, the number of tweets per day on Twitter has risen 252 percent as shown in this excerpt from Search Engine Journal’s recent infographic.

Nowhere is this more evident for healthcare than in growth of the Healthcare Hashtag Project, now just over a year old. The site has become the epicenter for tracking healthcare conversations on Twitter via hashtags. Read More

The Schoolboy Blogger Who Took on a U.S. Clinic

Ian Sample

Rhys Morgan, a 17-year-old Welsh schoolboy, faced down a Texan medical clinic and won after blogging about its unproven treatments. A real David and Goliath story! Read More


Dr. Kevin Pho’s ‘secret’ for becoming a social media influencer

Jessica Levco

Pho, recently named one of the top voices for the HIT industry, has expanded his blogging platform since ’04. Now, his website is set up to be a forum for debate, with guest bloggers offering contrasting viewpoints about myriad of issues.

Pho features more than 300 guest blog posts on his site from patients, health policy experts, advocates, and medical malpractice lawyers. He receives between 10 and 30 guest posts a day and reads through each one, looking for interesting and proactive points of view. There’s also a guest blog rotation, for regular contributors. Read more

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