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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: August 29th, 2012

Just like students all across the country, I too went back to school this week.  I started at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in their Interactive Design and Marketing Program.  So, when I noticed an abundance of well-designed infographics circulating the Healthcare Social Media world this week, I found it fitting to include them in this week in review.

  • The first infographic that struck me as appealing is from Appature.  It visually displays how healthcare marketers are using Twitter to reach their audiences.  It lists some of the most pertinent hashtags in healthcare, as wells as some great statistics.  Twitter in Healthcare
  • Now, this infographic isn’t drop dead gorgeous, but it is pretty entertaining.  This infographic comes from the good Dr. Fizzy who runs A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor.  The graphic is designed like a flowchart and helps you decide what your medical specialty should be.   It’s definitely for entertainment purposes, but is worth a look.  Medical Specialties Algorithm: Reboot
  • This infographic does a great job displaying How the #Healthcare_Pros Are Using Social Media.  It displays some relevant benefits and concerns that Healthcare Social Media raises, and includes some quotable information from Ed Bennett.  How the #Healthcare_Pros Are Using Social Media
  • I really like this next infographic.  It’s visually appealing and touches on the theme of last week’s Healthcare Social Media review.  Titled App Overload for Doctors, this infographic displays app and smartphone usage by medical professionals.  How many of you use EPOCRATES? App Overload for Doctors
  • This next link is not an infographic, but caused some interesting chatter in the comment section.  Written by Dr. Dike Drummond, the article goes against the current trend in healthcare, and claims Healthcare Social Media is just a fad.  Dr. Drummond raises some interesting points in his article about ROI, burnout, and Healthcare Social Media.  After reading the article, let us know what your thoughts are.  Healthcare Social Media is a Waste of Time for Most Doctors

This Healthcare Social Media review was heavy on the infographics and included a very interesting perspective from Dr. Drummond.  What did you think of these infographics or Dr. Drummond calling HCSM a fad?  Leave a comment below, send us a message on Twitter @MDWebPro, let us know on Facebook, or on Google +.  We’d love to hear from you.

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Stuart Wainstock is a former educator who has taught overseas and in the United States. Stuart began blogging while living overseas as a means to communicate with family and friends back home. He is a contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Stuart is an avid follower of technology, and their constantly changing trends. He also enjoys discovering new and excited music, as well as photography. You can follow Stuart on Twitter @stuartwainstock,@MDWebPro and Google+

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